Monday, October 12, 2015

The Re-opening of The X-Files News - NYC Comic-Con

The Re-opening of The X-Files News

One day when I'm independently wealthy I will be able to attend all the amazing conventions in the world to see all my favorite actors, writers, graphic artists, geeks, and nerds.

How hard is it to be a huge X-Files fan and not be able to go into NYC to see David Duchovny and Chris Carter? Especially when you literally live just down the road?

It totally sucked.

I did see lots of pictures and links to videos from their appearance.

I didn't watch all the videos yet. I'm concerned about too many spoilers :)

If you want to see more...follow these links.


Here’s a rundown of the key moments from the 60-minute X-travaganza from Saturday’s X-Files‘ panel at New York Comic-Con on TVLine.

Zap2it was on hand at New York Comic Con for the first showing of “The X-Files” revival. HERE are some non-spoilery teasers just to get your bearings before the January airing.

Gillian Anderson sends cheeky message to X-Files Fans @ NYCC and you can see it HERE!


I'm still a few episodes ahead of the global watch, thankfully. I haven't been able to watch any episodes for a few days!

The horror!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends that live in Canada! I hope you're enjoying the holiday.

As for the US, the controversial Columbus Day is upon us.
Found this interesting story about how more cities are recognizing Native Americans ... HERE.


Either way, have a great day!


  1. That sign is funny! It's like the British landing in Asia and claiming India for the Queen and all the Indians saying 'But we live here, you can't claim it.'
    Sorry you couldn't go to Comic Con. There sure was an overload of photos and news coming out from it this weekend though.

  2. I want to go to a Con too. It looks like so much fun. My daughter and I have promised each other we'll go to one when she's done with college. I saw one spoiler for the X-Files but I didn't read it.

  3. Someday, I will make it to a Con as well. I've always wanted to go to Comic Con out in San Diego. I try to get tickets every year but this one...someday, I will get through.

  4. The Oatmeal has a great comic on Columbus Day.

  5. There's a ComicCon in Buffalo on Oct. 17th, I should go....Can't wait for the X-Files!!!!!!

  6. I do wish they would show The X Files over here, used to enjoy it years ago. Great post Heather.

  7. LOL love the sign!

    Sorry you couldn't make it to Comic Con, next time! And yay for X-files re-opening ;)

  8. Sorry you couldn't attend. There's always next time, right? I remember when "cons" first started, I attended a horror con with my now ex-husband and there were stars there from the 80s...I thought, "This is a cool way to get your picture with some celebs!


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