Monday, March 18, 2013

Ninja Captain Alex'sTop Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest!!!

Ninja Captain Alex's
Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest!!!

Here’s the sitch

I tried, really tried, to come up with my Top Ten Movies and the only way to do it was to cheat my ass off and bundle movies into groups or decades.

Since I didn’t want to completely fail at this blogfest I had to change tactics.

So... this is a list of my Top Ten Movies that I get sucked into every time they're on the TV.

It’s so true!

If I see any of these gems in the channel guide I will immediately begin to watch them no matter what I was doing and no matter where in the film it might be!

It’s not my fault!

I'm only human.

Here they no particular order...


The Day After Tomorrow

i, Robot

The Matrix

Jurassic Park

The Princess Bride

Forrest Gump



Independence Day



Awesome list, right?

Oh, come now, don't tell me that none of these ever sucked you into a TV black-hole where you found yourself standing in the living room, remote still in hand, totally needing to pee, watching one of these bad boys.

Just me? 


One last current favorite movie?

The Avengers.

What about you? 

Thank you, Alex, for hosting another great blogfest!


  1. the princess bride - love that movie

  2. You chose some really great ones! I had The Matrix on my list, too.

  3. iRobot was one of those films that tested humanity, but from a robot perspective..

    Jeremy [Retro-Z]
    Howlin' Wolf

  4. Avengers and Princess Bride are on my list too! And though I'm not a horror movie fan, I preferred Aliens out of all the Alien movies as well.

  5. Yay for The Avengers. And The Princess Bride. Most of the movies on your list are the ones I get sucked into anytime I come across them on cable too.

  6. Avengers is leading the pack so far. Great movie and the one I neglected to add to my Top Ten list.

  7. I get sucked into The Princess Bride every time. And just watched Jurassic Park again for the fiftieth time because I was sucked in.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

  8. Seriously, I own half of those movies. Great list! :)

  9. We overlapped on three films, and overall I agree with every one of your selections. So hard to narrow it down to just ten! :)

  10. great picks! I loved the avengers, too!

  11. I've seen the majority of your faves at least 20 times, if not more. Way, way more! Great list!

  12. Have seen every last one of those films. Got to love Speed and Jurassic Park! :)

  13. Speed. I never seem to get away when I fall over it on the TV.

  14. Hi Heather,

    I think your movie list truly is totally awesome! :)

    I will say, probably due to my age, when I think of "The Avengers", I think of that old British TV show I know was shown in North America.

    Be well, my friend.

    Gary :)

  15. I completely agree with your list! All great movies=)

  16. YES. Yes to all of it.

    My God I watch a lot of tv O_O

  17. I must be one of the few who was not bowled over by the Avengers.

    You have some interesting choices, and definitely are a fan of the summer blockbusters.

    I did like Independence Day a lot...would be torn over Alien vs. Aliens.

    And you can't go wrong with Jaws!

  18. baygirl32 - It's a great one. Thanks for coming!

    SA Larsen - Awesome movie!

    Jeremy - Sonny was great!

    Elise - Yeah, Alien was great but Aliens was awesome!

    M.J. - It's a sickness.

    Stephen - I can't wait for number 2!!!

    Alex - Yep. Happens all the time to me too! Thanks, Alex!

    David - Thank you! I like it too!

    DL - It was torture.

    nutschell - Thank you! Love that movie SO much!

    Teresa - Thank you!

    Nancy - I know. It's hard not to watch them.

    David - You came back! I do love them so.

    LD - It's so bad its good!

    klahanie - I know the show you're talking about. It was good! Thanks for coming!

    Kathleen - Thank you! Thanks for stopping in.

    Samantha - Me too! It's okay!

    DiscConnected - Jaws is the best!

    Thanks everyone!

  19. Funny thing is, I have all these movies in my DVD collection except I, Robot and Jaws. Would love to have both of those in my collection too though :)

  20. i could totally see why you get suckered into watching just gotta wonder if they'll ever slowwww downnnnn!! :D

  21. Trisha F - Need to check the $5 bin at the WalMarts! I bet you'll find them there.

    Tammy - I know it. It has nothing to do with Keanu!

    Thanks for coming. Heather

  22. Hehe, we've all been there, Heather. And apparently there's one movie in the world that does it for both of us ...well, really two, but Princess Bride ended up having to get bumped from my list for Goodfellass...ooh, I should've said "whacked."

  23. That us a very interesting and unique list!

  24. Who doesn't love The Avengers?! So awesome!

    Great list!

  25. Nicki - Whacked would have worked too! Great to see you!

    Andrea - Thank you! Thanks for coming.

    Jeremy - It's true. I cried.

    Ashley - I only heard one person during this blogfest say they didn't like the Avengers as much as the rest of us. Strange but true.

    Thanks for coming!

  26. Loved your list. :3

  27. Sherry - Thank you! Thanks for coming!

    The Capillary - I appreciate that.

    Thanks guys!


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