Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reluctant to review...

I posted this on my Facebook author page the other day.

Hello there, Friends! I have a special request this evening!
For any of you that left an Amazon review for my original book, Maguire's Corner:
First - THANK YOU!!
and Second - It would be really helpful if you could copy/paste or summarize that review and put it under the new edition, Already Home.
Some sites won't even let you advertise if you don't have at least 10 reviews of your book.
Convince readers to buy your book
Assure readers of quality
Serve as word of mouth recommendations

If you need any help or have a concern, feel free to contact me.
Well, I didn't get any takers yet, BUT a nice woman said she'd buy my book, read it, and then review it! And she did!

It was an amazing review for Already Home and I really appreciated it.

I can't understand why more people don't leave book reviews.

I know some think it has to be a formal dissertation or something, but its not a book report, just a few words would do.

Personally, I can almost always find something I like about a book to share with others.

Why do you think readers are reluctant to write reviews?


  1. I'm a slow reader, so I don't go through that many books in a year. I don't have an Amazon account (wife has that, I have iTunes) but I do review on Goodreads.

  2. With me personally, I'm not reluctant to write reviews...I just have terrible follow-through. And it's even worse because I'm an author and I know just how important those reviews are. *hangs head in shame*

    And I did see your Facebook post, by the way, and made a note to do as you requested. Perhaps I should go do it right now, before I get distracted by some stupid, shiny object.

  3. I'm with you! It's totally an education game. People tell me they read my book and loved it and my response is, "Will you leave me a review? I don't care if it's one sentence--just say what you told me." And they're like, "Wait, I can do that?" It's a funny business we're in.

  4. I'd say people don't because they just don't care enough too. There are plenty of things I like that I don't review because I don't think about doing it. Being prompted helps.

  5. I make sure I review, because I know from being a writer how important they are. Non-writers just might not understand - the occasional prompt is a good thing. Funnily (or annoyingly) the people who are 'encouraged' to leave book reviews on Amazon for me, are the ones who happily review their bunion straighteners, t-shirt or protein bar!

  6. Hi Heather - it's going to be a goal of mine to regularly leave reviews as I read friend's books ... I quite understand what you're saying - I think it's probably laziness on my part ... and I don't read that many .. but my TBR is to be reduced too - so that will mean blogger's books read ... thanks for reminding us - cheers Hilary

  7. I have tried to get on Amazon with my book but they have changed proceedures since I last had a book there.
    I am on the A to Z trip and yours is the first stop on a very long journey. Hope the gnome is ok, I did enjoy reading about him throughout the A to z.


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