Monday, June 27, 2016

Whew! I think I lost a week or two!

So sorry that I've been MIA. There was just so much going on!

Summer started, husband went on a bunch of road trips, 5th grade ended, and we had carnival week as well.

It's been fun and exhausting. The house is a mess and I didn't get much writing done, but I've been thinking about writing so that totally counts. :)

2016 WFD Carnival
As I mentioned on Facebook, a summer traveling carnival is a remarkable piece of our American culture that we are lucky we get to enjoy. We love it, but its 4 solid nights of work and it gets a bit tiring.


This is from the fireworks show that is on the fourth and last night of carnival.


Summer haircut for The BOY. The color was only temporary, but the Mohawk is pretty cool.


I'll have release info for a YA book tomorrow and The Thing That Turned Me, an Anthology is set to release on 6-30-2016!

Stay tuned!


  1. I bet he thinks you are the coolest mom ever for letting him have hair like that.

  2. Love the summer mohawk—color and all!

    And yes, thinking about writing totally counts.

  3. His mohawk looks awesome!
    I only thought about writing today too.

  4. Summer always seems so busy, doesn't it?

    The mohawk is really cute--your son's adorable.

  5. Love the Mohawk, brilliant colour!

    Isn't it great when summer gets busy? Go with the flow and enjoy.

  6. I had green hair once!

    You must've helped run the carnival. We help our church every year with Fall Fest and it's a lot of work.


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