Monday, October 24, 2016

Gnomes Galore!

I don't know what's happening on my porch, but the gnomes are multiplying...again.


Stormy the Weather Gnome: What the...? Who's this guy?

Gnameless Gnome: Hello. I'm new here. I've been inside since the end of September. I'm a birthday gnome.

StWG: Now we have too many players for our Quidditch team.

StWG: Well, even though you're a gnome, you can't stay out here with us.

Gnameless Gnome: Why not? I want to hang with my gnomies.

StWG: No can do. You have to go back inside. 
You're too ... soft.


Gnameless Gnome: Back inside? But, who will be my friend?

Hamish: Stick with me, little fuzzy felt guy, I'm kind of a big deal around here.


Feel free to suggest names for the new guy!


  1. How about Stumpy? He's short and stumpy.

  2. He's pretty dang cute there with Hamish! Maybe Jaime, if you're going with Scottish names? :)

  3. I'm glad fuzzy felt found a friend.

  4. Suggestion: Blue (since he has a big blue hat which I assume doesn't come off (?) what a cute fella.

  5. Ragamuffin, the softy gnome. Inside sounds good to me.

  6. Awww! A friend for Hamish! How about Phelt?

  7. You've made me curious: How do gnomes reproduce?


  8. Cozy McDozy or Cumfy McDumfy as he looks really rather soft and cuddly and if he's being adopted by Hamish ought to have a Scottish sounding name too?

  9. Pudge. Fuzzy and Pudge...they can be action heroes.


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