Monday, November 14, 2016

My To Do list, has a To Do list.

Work, work, work. Busy, busy, busy.

Getting stuff done, but none of it for me.


Why do the last few months of the year always seem to be the busiest?

Some of its my fault. I tend to schedule too much stuff.

The rest I blame on the multitude of holidays, birthdays, and events that all seem to pile up in November and December.

I really need to get back to my book this month, but the month is mysteriously half over already!

Well, I better go do something productive.

How about you guys? Is November going too fast for you?


Fellow InkSpell Author, Mark Love.

A serial killer is on the loose in metro Detroit. Three female victims have been discovered in motel rooms in different suburban cities surrounding Motown. The only connection is that each body is found in Room 319, and the killer leaves the taunting message “Why 319?” on the bathroom mirror, written with the victim’s lipstick.

Detective Jefferson Chene heads up an elite squad of detectives assigned to the case. With no home life, he devotes every waking moment to catching killers. But this one is more elusive than most. With no clues and no apparent link between the victims, Chene is at a dead end. But a startling revelation busts the case wide open. He’s closing in on the murderer, but will it be before another young woman loses her life?

Mark Love's Amazon Author page


  1. Congratulations, Mark!
    Can you imagine if you were doing NaNo on top of everything?

  2. Yay for Mark!

    October 1st hits and the year is over. Every. Year. I know better than to plan ANYTHING in the last 3 months.

  3. Yep. November's definitely going by too fast for me. I can't imagine how I'll get everything done, and I have no life. Hope you get back to your book soon!

    Now I really want to know "Why 319"...Guess I'll have to read the book. :)

  4. Good luck to Mark on his book. I'm struggling with a lot going on but it's all so fun.

  5. I have no idea how the month is half over. I know I haven't been sleeping and missed it either, so what happened?

  6. November? Heck, I'm still trying to figure out what happened to October. Mark's book looks great. Another title for my Christmas list. Thanks.

  7. I totally agree with you! Time is flying by and there is so much going on. I am not sure how I will get it all done and can't see when I will get the writing I need to get done finished. Hoping I will have some time soon! Good luck getting everything done!


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