Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stop! In the name of the (Gnome) LAW!

"I'll need to see two forms of ID from each and every one of you. Right now."

Stormy: "Who's asking?"

"My name is Classified."

"And I work for Gnomeland Security."

Stormy: "Classified? Like you could tell us, but then you'd have to kill us?"

"No, I had it legally changed to Classified."

Stormy: "Oh. That's not weird. At. All. Well, we don't have ID. None of us have pockets. Or hands for that matter."

"OK. I expected a little more cooperation from a celebrity such as yourself, but I can overlook one tiny infraction. Gentlegnomes, I'm here to protect and serve."

Stormy: "Celebrity? You've heard of me?"



  1. He might have a hard time frisking those gnomes.

  2. Hi Heather - I stopped... Stormy definitely has to be visited ... great post line for Stormy the Celebrity ... fun - cheers Hilary

  3. I've missed Stormy. I'm thinking of something clever to change my name to.

  4. that was a great post - i needed a laugh and you know how to bring it (Stormy gets me every time!)

    hope things are well for you!
    Tara Tyler Talks


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