Friday, January 4, 2013

Gname that Gnome!!

Stormy and D Rizzle are the luckiest Gnomes ever!

Thanks to 'K' aka 'Anon' they got a new friend for Christmas!

Isn't he cute? And red?


We warmly welcome him into our home but he doesn't have a name!

And that's a tragedy!

Gno Gnome should go un-Gnamed!

Please, help us Gname this Gnome!

Suggestions will be compiled and then I will put up a poll for voting next week!


  1. Stormy's family is growing.
    I nominate Fiery.

  2. Or Sparks. Or Flamey. Something to do with fire. You get my drift.

  3. I agree, Flame would be my choice -- then again Sprinkle might better put out the fire. :)

  4. Carol

    How about Sparks!

  5. Flicker? Or is that too girly? Fred the Fire Gnome? Bic? Zippo? Sprinkle is a good one. Or Gnusher with a silent "n" (i.e. "Gusher"). There's got to be some fire department equipment related name out there somewhere.

    Glad you and Stormy and D-Rizzle like him. :-)

    Love you, K.

  6. Gnozzle....Hydrant.....Plug...HydroGnome....Master Stream....(G)Nims...Probie...

    My wiki-fu is strong today....


  7. Aww! So cute!

    I like Anonymous's "Gnozzle" name. :)

  8. Gnomes make me think of the movie "le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" which I love. Anonymous has some good ideas for names but I also like Sparks that was also mentioned. Maybe a combination of these would be fun like Flare Sparks....?

  9. ooo, Sparky and Stormy, love it!
    or Smokey? Hailey? nah that would be for a girl, maybe next year!

    K is the best for adding to the gnome family!

  10. Some great suggestions here, folks!

    Thank you!

    Don't forget to come back to vote in the poll!


  11. Sparky is my name choice.


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