Friday, January 4, 2013

Gname that Gnome!!

Stormy and D Rizzle are the luckiest Gnomes ever!

Thanks to 'K' aka 'Anon' they got a new friend for Christmas!

Isn't he cute? And red?


We warmly welcome him into our home but he doesn't have a name!

And that's a tragedy!

Gno Gnome should go un-Gnamed!

Please, help us Gname this Gnome!

Suggestions will be compiled and then I will put up a poll for voting next week!


  1. Stormy's family is growing.
    I nominate Fiery.

  2. Or Sparks. Or Flamey. Something to do with fire. You get my drift.

  3. I agree, Flame would be my choice -- then again Sprinkle might better put out the fire. :)

  4. Carol

    How about Sparks!

  5. Flicker? Or is that too girly? Fred the Fire Gnome? Bic? Zippo? Sprinkle is a good one. Or Gnusher with a silent "n" (i.e. "Gusher"). There's got to be some fire department equipment related name out there somewhere.

    Glad you and Stormy and D-Rizzle like him. :-)

    Love you, K.

  6. Gnozzle....Hydrant.....Plug...HydroGnome....Master Stream....(G)Nims...Probie...

    My wiki-fu is strong today....


  7. Aww! So cute!

    I like Anonymous's "Gnozzle" name. :)

  8. Gnomes make me think of the movie "le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain" which I love. Anonymous has some good ideas for names but I also like Sparks that was also mentioned. Maybe a combination of these would be fun like Flare Sparks....?

  9. ooo, Sparky and Stormy, love it!
    or Smokey? Hailey? nah that would be for a girl, maybe next year!

    K is the best for adding to the gnome family!

  10. Some great suggestions here, folks!

    Thank you!

    Don't forget to come back to vote in the poll!



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