Friday, August 1, 2014

#atozchallenge #roadtrip - Stormy stares at himself in his rear view mirror.

And I'm too sexy for your party
Too sexy for your party
No way I'm disco dancing
I'm a model you know what I mean

(I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred)

Welcome to leg six of the Post A-to-Z Road Trip!

Stormy the Weather Gnome and I are going to try to hit at least 20 new blogs a week from the Challenge list and tell you about a few of them in each of my posts.

When you go visit these awesome blogs, please make sure you tell them that you're visiting on the Post A to Z Road Trip! 

And I'm too sexy for my hat
Too sexy for my hat
What do you think about that?
I'm a model you know what I mean

I can't forget out ... well .... ME!

Here are some of my best looks from my three years of April A to Z blogging!

I'm too sexy for my love
Too sexy for my love
Love's going to leave me
And I'm too sexy for this song

Thanks for visiting with us today!
Are you finding any great blogs on your trip?


  1. Not sure which one is funnier, although the ice fishing one might be the winner.

  2. Now I have a certain song stuck in my head. I wonder how that happened...

    My favorite pic (though they're all great) is the second one down...Stormy in the shadows. Very mysterious and awesome.

  3. Time does pass and yet Stormy does not look a day older . . . . I wish I could do that.

  4. Ah Stormy, you take such wonderful photos! You are too sexy for the camera.

  5. You sure are buff in that buff!

  6. Stormy is so photogenic. : )

  7. I love Stormy! I've been a big fat loser in regards to the Road Trip. Hoping once the summer is over and the kiddos are back in school, I can have a little more blog time. It's hard with just one computer in the house and my son wants to play Minecraft all day!

  8. I swear, Stormy gets more hits than I do.


    Should I really be jealous?

    Thank you!



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