Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#IWSG -- A good kind of problem to have.

Howdy. Howdy. Howdy.

Happy Wednesday!

It's also ...... Insecure Writer's Support Group Day!

The day when we share our insecurities with our fellow bloggers in hopes that they won't laugh and snicker at us too much!

If you're not in this group...why not?

Here's a great insecurity to have.

I'm having SO much trouble figuring out what covers I want to have for my books!

I know. Tough sh*t, right?

Honestly, I'm at a loss.

I write romance with a touch of suspense. My first cover was all about the suspense. I'm pretty sure most people didn't know it was a romance.

But, I'm also not the type of person to just throw two half naked people on the cover.

Believe me, I don't mind looking at half naked people. Do it all the time!

But, I want the covers to be a little more classy than that. Something that ties the books together as a series and also shows their own unique personalities.

Does any of this make sense?

I've been scouring book cover websites and image sites and Amazon and publisher sites trying to find something that appeals to me.

This is me. All. Day. Long.

I know I'll figure something out and I have a date set for brainstorming with the cover artist from the new publisher. I know it will all come together.

It's just one of those things that make you feel like you can't do it all.

What about you guys? Have trouble with your cover concepts? Too many ideas? Not enough?


  1. Carol Kilgore writes in a similar genre - take a look at her covers. Maybe they will inspire you.

  2. Yup, that is a great problem! I know what you mean about going for classy...if it was a clothes question, I'd say black ;) bon courage choosing!

  3. My biggest obstacle (for my historicals, anyway) is finding a couple and images that don't have modern stuff in them. But I know what you mean. The people/couple images out there - the good ones - are repeated on so many covers, it's hard to do something unique.

    Good luck.

    IWSG #184 until Alex culls the list again.

  4. I totally agree with you that even on a romance cover (I write NA), I don't just want two generic beautiful lovers almost kissing... I want some personality in there, and even a hint of a story, too. Cover art is something I delight in, but yeah, I do consternate a lot about it.

  5. I can't begin to say what I feel about my covers. I have no words. But I do have a lot to say about others that are smashing, dazzling and riveting.

  6. I have absolutely no idea what I would want for a book cover...but I do know I don't want two half naked people on it...

  7. Well, the half naked people image does work for romance. I agree though it's definitely overused. I like the conversational nature of your writing and glad I stopped over from IWSG today. As a fine artist I love giving input for covers. Luckily over the years publishers have listened to my recommendations. If they didn't it would truly drive me crazy.

  8. That is indeed a great problem to have. I always search the web for great ideas and I agree with you about the half-naked people. Good-luck finding your dream cover.

  9. I'd probably go with something like two people holding each other looking nervous or scared. It would help deliver the suspense part.

  10. I don't have the excellent problem of needing a book cover. When Nicki Elson released Divine Temptation, which I loved, I think Michael DeGesu did the cover. It was beautiful. I hope I spelled his name correctly. I'm pretty sure he's in IWSP. So is Nicki Elson. She blogs at Nicki Elson's Not-So-Deep Thoughts.


  11. I'm sure you will find the perfect one! And you'll know it when you see it, when at first glance it pulls you into some elusive story you want to turn the pages for :)

  12. I like Alex's idea, look at other novels in your genre for ideas. I don't get to pick my covers, so I'm off the hook. It's got to a tough thing to do. You're left with it for a long time. I'm thinking scary and beautiful would probably work.

  13. I know exactly how you feel. I agonize over covers. I always want something more than naked folks on my covers too. (Though we'll keep Xan exactly how he is!) Good luck brainstorming and I hope you get super duper covers!

  14. Good luck with t he decisions Heather. It does sound like you are having fun, even in your frustration.

  15. Yep, a good problem to have, but it still sounds like it is stressful for you. Maybe wait for that initial meeting with the artist.

  16. I had no idea what to do for my first book. That one took a while to figure out. And though I'm a long way away from needing it, I already have a concept for the next book's cover.

    But it will all come together for you. Your cover artist will design something amazing.

  17. Maybe two people on the cover - but with clothes on? Good luck finding something that thrills you!

  18. Thanks for all the great advice!

    You never know what ideas might just help me so I appreciate it!


  19. I'm no where near that point of the process yet, but I'm sure it will be difficult for me to choose one that I like. I've seen some beautiful ones out there. Good luck with finding the perfect cover! Eva

  20. Books covers are BIG. At least that's what I think. It's love at first sight and what makes me crack the cover. Good Luck deciding what kind of cover you want for your books!


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