Wednesday, February 2, 2022

#IWSG - Jeremy Hawkins Tribute 2/2/22

On January 3, we lost an amazing guy – Jeremy Hawkins.
On February 2, we are paying tribute and give back to one who was so giving and involved in our community.
To honor his life and support the family he leaves behind, on that day:
• Post a story or memory about Jeremy.
• Post photos of Jeremy.
• Share some of the graphics he made for you.
• Post a photo of you wearing one of the t-shirts he designed.
• And to support his family, purchase one of his t-shirt designs, one of his books, or one of his prints. (He also created the IWSG t-shirt.)
I consider Jeremy to be a good friend, even though we've never met and we've never spoken, IRL.
In January of 2014 Alex J. Cavanaugh asked me to join the admins of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, and that's when I met a great group of people/bloggers, including Jeremy.
We worked on various blog projects together during A to Z and while being admins in Alex's Insecure Writer's Support Group.
We are also Facebook friends. Jeremy posts mostly about the movie soundtracks he was listening to and he adds interesting info about the composers and then funny clips, GIF's, or quotes from the movies themselves.
Other times he just posts fun stuff for his friends...


2 of my favorite t-shirts were designed by Jeremy.
He's very smart and talented.
Witty and generous.
A gentleman and a scholar.
He will truly be missed.
Thank you for being a friend to me.