Monday, January 30, 2017

News from #atozchallenge, #IWSG, & Mya O'Malley's cover reveal!

 Wassup my blog peeps? Nothing?
Well, I've got some news to share with all of you!


The founder of the Challenge, Arlee Bird, put up a tiny teaser blog post today to start the ball rolling! Check it out HERE!


Posting day is February 1, 2017!
Yep, this Wednesday!
Need help with a topic?

February 1 Question: How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

Alex's awesome co-hosts for the February 1 posting of the IWSG will be Misha Gericke, LK Hill, Juneta Key, Christy and Joylene Buter!
 Cover reveal for Mya O'Malley!

Release date: March 30, 2017

Naomi by Mya O’Malley
Naomi has a knack for attracting attention from ethereal beings—whether she wants it or not. Newly engaged to her sexy neighbor, Bryce, she has little time to celebrate and plan for her upcoming wedding, because no sooner does she wrap up a heartbreaking cold case than she finds herself right back where she started, searching for answers alongside ghostly spirits.

This time, however, Naomi learns that things are not what they seem as a man from her past quickly becomes her worst nightmare. If she’s not careful, this man might crush her hopes and dreams forever as he proves to be her most difficult opponent yet. 
Still, Naomi tries to focus on her relationship with Bryce. Can it withstand head games and cruel intentions? Naomi makes it her mission to keep Bryce and his daughter safe from harm, but will true love be tough enough to withstand her adversaries? 
Naomi must keep her eyes wide open and question everything— and everyone—in order to survive.

Mya O'Malley was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where she currently lives with her husband, daughter, and three stepdaughters. The family also consists of their boxer, Destiny, and their ragdoll cat, Colby.

Mya earned an undergraduate degree in special education and a graduate degree in reading and literacy. She works as a special education teacher and enjoys making a difference in the lives of her students. 

Mya's passion is writing; she has been writing stories and poetry since she was a child. A romantic at heart, she loves to craft stories with unforgettable characters. In her free time, Mya reads just about anything she can get her hands on. She also likes to travel, and has visited several Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

·         Twitter:  @MyaOMalley
·         Website