Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween humor. Well, I think they're funny. :)

Hardee har har.


I'm not participating in the blog hop, but you should check it out!

Patricia Lynne


I am participating in this one.
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DL Hammons


I won't be here on Friday, but I'll post pictures of the BOY in costume on Monday!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Leaves. Check. Pumpkins. Check. Football. Check. It's Fall.

 Just thought I would share some of our fall pictures with you. 

Do you carve pumpkins? 

If you haven't seen the Minion 'Fat Gary' from L. Diane Wolfe go check him out today. He's so cute!

DJ's team has one more regular season game to play this weekend and they made the playoffs with there 6 and 1 record!

It's also time to watch Thriller from Mr. Jackson. 

So awesome. His cheese slipped off his cracker, but he certainly knew how to entertain us.

Monster Mash is good, too. Do you have a favorite Halloween song?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Release day for Mage Revealed -- Volunteers for a cover reveal?


Mage Revealed

Book Two of The Magic Withheld series

Struck with enough malevolent Spirit to turn him into a raving beast of a man, Bert Reese fights to remain human. Alone, he walks a slender path between sanity and madness. Then, an unlikely source enters his life to help—one of the now-hated mages.

But Ashleigh is different and calms his butchered senses. Her fierce nature is the only rock that stands between him and the crevasse that is beast. In all ways, she walks beside him toward a new beginning.

But at the end of their journey lies the one who used Spirit against him. Questions arise; did Tiarra, head of the Imperium, lose her magic, die, or simply give way to the new order? Or, like a spider, does she wait for a mage to blunder into her web?

Forced on him without a care for his humanity, Bert is the mage who should not exist, born with a different kind of magic. 

And the gates of Hell are no match for the magic he wields.


Author C.D. Coffelt’s world of magic started in Wilder Mage with the words “The earthquake wasn’t his fault. Not this time.” It continues in Mage Revealed, the second book of the three-part series. Watch the book trailer on YouTube.

Excerpt from Mage Revealed

Energy slithered around him, encased him and…


All the elements slammed into him at once filling him like a bursting dam, sloshing into a maelstrom of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. Magic filled him, cascaded into every pore of his skin until there was nothing left that was of his essence.

He raised his arms. “I am a wizard,” he said.

His words echoed, like the roll of a bass drum in an empty coliseum.

From his fingertips, fluid lightning forked and shot into the empty sky. A violent whirlwind as tall as he wanted it to be caught up a whirl of leaves. A roar of Fire sprang from the palms of his hands, crowned his head. And Spirit, the silvery element waited for his command, to charge into any foray he so chose.

He turned to the panting women, frozen in the grip of panic and fright.

“I am a wizard,” he said again.

C.D. Coffelt lives outside Skidmore, Missouri with a bemused husband and way too many cats. She is a member of the Missouri Writers Guild. But despite that bit of conventionality, she adores all things fantasy with a special love for urban and epic.

With a passion for good writing and Doritos as companions, locating Middle-Earth on a dusty road in rural Missouri wasn’t difficult. All it took was a little Magic, hours of reading, and an overactive imagination.

She blogs as Huntress on, Facebook, Twitter, and her writer’s critique site,
Find her books at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Best of luck, C.D.!

I'm still months away from releasing One Good Catch, the second book in the Maguire's Corner series, but sooner or later I'm going to get to have a cover reveal!

If anyone is interested in helping me out, please leave a note and I'll add you to the email list.

Thank you!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bucket List Blog Hop! - Have you voted for a new book title yet?

~~ At one time or another we have all experienced the loss of a loved one or know someone who has had to go through a life threatening illness. Sometimes that makes us reevaluate our lives and what we want to accomplish before we die. Some people make a bucket list to help them rethink about what is important to them.

What's a bucket list? Simply put, it's a list of things that a person wants to see or do before they die or "kick the bucket". 

To participate, all you have to do is post your bucket list to your blog on Monday, October 20, 2014. If you want to add the picture to your blog post or sidebar, just copy and paste.

This blog hop is being co-hosted by Sherry Ellis at Mama Diaries
 and Susanne Drazic at Putting Words Down on Paper. ~~

A bucket list.

Well, I don't really have one. Not a formal one, anyway.

Of course, there's stuff I want to do. But, I never really wrote them down.

Stormy the Weather Gnome did. In fact, the 2013 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge was all about Stormy's giant bucket list.

Me? I keep things pretty low-key.

But, for the Hop, I will do my best to share a few things I would love to do before I kick said bucket. :)

**Travel across the great U. S. of A.**

This country is really amazing and I haven't seen very much of it. I would love to get in an RV to see this grand nation of ours.

**Visit Ireland.**

Yes, I would really love to check out Ireland. And not just the touristy spots, but the lovely Irish countryside and places that only the locals frequent.

**Drive REALLY fast.**

I don't think I have a death wish, but I would love to drive a really fast car in some sort of race one day.

**See my book(s) in a bookstore.**

I was close. I even got a few in the library. But, the elusive bookstore will just have to wait until 2015.

**Adopt a German Shepard.**

One day, when we have the space and funds, I would love to get a Shepard. I mention German Shepard, but I know there are a few breeds that we would love just as much. Just as long as I could use the dog as a blanket, I'll be happy.

So, that's a good start, right?

What's on your Bucket List?


The Name. That. Book! (Seriously, I need some help.) Contest is going strong!

Have you voted yet? Vote! Have a new title suggestion? Share!

I'm still looking for just the right name for Maguire's Corner. 

Here is a list of the entries and how many votes they have so far!

Trying not to love - 1
Anymore to give - 1
Someone to trust - 1
Already home - 6
The heart brings you back - 2
One to trust - 1
Maggie's choice - 1
Maggie's place - 2
One to hold my heart - 2
As long as it takes - 1
Already falling - 5
Catch my breath - 1
Mag & Chief - 1

Friday, October 17, 2014

#atozchallenge #roadtrip -- Stormy meets some NEW friends!

It's ME!

Stormy the Weather Gnome!

We're changing things up a bit so you don't get bored.

Don't worry, we're still on the road to nowhere, still can't drive 55, AND still running against the wind.

Pam Margolis from An Unconventional Librarian.

Pam's A to Z theme...of course...BOOKS! Books for the Middle Grade reader. So many fun, exciting, and interesting titles.

Old books, new books, award-winning books! More books than you can shake a stick at!
Go check them out!


And now, for some NEW friends!


C. Lee Mckenzie from The Write Game

This was a very inventive theme and probably a giant pain in the ass to pull off!
The Write Game's Theme AtoZ Blog Challenge
2014 - Stuff I Learned or Laughed at from Bloggers in the 2013 A to Z Challenge.
Each day C. Lee would give clues to a mystery blogger and everyone had to guess who it was! Lots of fun watching who would guess first and guess correctly!

S.L. Hennessy from Pensuasion

S.L.'s A to Z theme was fairy tales, inspired in great part by some of her current favorite TV shows, movie adaptations, and books.

Just to name a few! G is for Grimm. N is for The Neverland. U is for Ugly Stepsisters. W is for Wolves and Witches. And of course...Z is for Zombie Princess.

Did someone say Zombie Gnome?

Thanks for visiting with us today!
Are you finding any great blogs on your trip?