Friday, September 28, 2012

Fridays are for sharing!

Hello Blog Buddies!

Howz it hanging?

Pretty good here.

Everyone visit my ENTRY in the So You Think You Can Write contest? Voting starts in just 5 days!

That's it for me today.

Thanks for coming.

Oh, wait! I promised I was going to share with you today!

Nancy S. Thompson's novel, THE MISTAKEN, an adult psychological thriller, will be published by Sapphire Star Publishing on October 18, 2012.

She will also be visiting us on her World Wide Blog Tour on October 29th!

But, until then you can enjoy Nancy's Book Trailer!


I'm really glad I get to share this with you and I'm so excited for Nancy!

I had the privilege of reading some of her novel and I can tell you her writing is fantastic.

I can't wait to read the shiny published version and I wish her the best of luck!

So please, show Nancy some blog love!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Six days of fantastic, fabulous, frolicking, fun in Florida.

Six months to plan.
Six months of secrets.
Six months of excited frustration.

Six months of teasing and taunting the six year old and he had no idea.

Six days of amazing Disney fun.

A lifetime of memories and 1000 pictures!

Don't worry. I won't post them all here.

Day 1:Arrival / Downtown Disney

We woke DJ at four something in the AM and told him to pack a bag we were going to Disney. He didn't believe us.
First flight ever. He loved it.

At Caribbean Beach Resort check-in they gave him a sword and an eye patch. He had no idea why.

Self explanatory.

We booked the Pirates of the Caribbean room. There was pirate shit everywhere.

Downtown Disney.

He loved these guys.

My favorite place. I didn't want to leave.

Day 2:Magic Kingdom, Part 1

Pirate treasure adventure.

Taking the pirate pledge!

Joining the pirate parade!

We stayed late to see the fireworks at each of the four main parks .
Day 3:Epcot

I didn't want to leave the Biergarten. Ever.

Big Guy and Little Guy.

Shark Bait!

Day 4:Animal Kingdom

Breakfast of champions.

While out on the Savannah Truck tour it began to rain.

A lot.

This giraffe took shelter right next to the trail.

Playing in the mud.

Baby elephant!

Wet cat.

Random drumming.

Great, really amazing food at the Yak & Yeti. Don't let the name scare you away.

Diggin' up dinosaur bones.

Day 5:Magic Kingdom Part 2

Invasion of the ducks. They are everywhere.


We used every form of transportation Disney had to offer. This is the view from the ferry.

Since we had been there, 2 days before, the fall elves came to visit and decorated all of Magic Kingdom.

When choosing the path to the Haunted Mansion...take the cemetery path. Too funny.

Pirate mouse ears.

Sword in the stone. I think he pulled something but not the sword.

Stand anywhere long enough and a parade breaks out.

The pumpkin faces killed me.


Boat ride to the Polynesian Resort for the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show.

For every duck there are 1 million of these guys.

DJ dancing.

For the girls. Or guys.

For the guys. Or girls.

For the pyromaniacs.
 Day 6: Hollywood Studios

Where's the monkey chow?

This show was a blast.

My husband was an extra.

The 50's Diner waitress managed to get him to set the table. Spectacular comfort food and plentiful!

Jedi Training Academy. Awe. Some. Sauce.

This lady had the patience of a saint.

Most of this I have on video. DJ actually hassled the Storm Troopers. They were all good sports.

DJ was picked to help in this stunt show. He drove a remote control car!


For those of you who made it to the bottom I hope I didn't bore you too much.

It truly was the trip of a lifetime. Mostly because we probably will never be able to afford to go again. :)

Thanks for coming!

Don't forget to stop in on Friday to see what Nancy S. Thomson has to share with all of us!