Friday, March 24, 2017

Gonna need a crowbar to help fit all this stuff into just one post!

Wow. It's Friday. Thank the Universe we made it through another week. I have lots to share, because I didn't post all week, so let's get right to it!


Thank you for all your kinds words about writing, 'The End'. I couldn't have done it without your support. :)


The snow from the blizzard is starting to melt off, but it's still stupid cold around here. Waiting for a few warm days when I can finally open the windows again.


The 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is like a week away and I have not even decided what I'm writing about. I know. I say this every single year. This one is no different. I don't have a theme. I don't have a clue. I'm hoping it will come to me in a dream or something.


Cover reveal for InkSpell author KG Fletcher.

Love Song
by KG Fletcher

Cover Desgin: Najla Qamber Designs

Her heart searched for a melody. Will the love song she finally hears be loud enough to drown out the screaming memories of her past?

Back-up singer Casey lived the old anthem, “work hard, play harder.” When she meets handsome sub-drummer, Sam Wildner on a gig, their attraction is immediate. The two musicians forge ahead in a dizzy rhythm of passion and music, both impressed by each other’s harmonious abilities. When Sam learns of Casey’s family trauma involving her sister’s abusive ex-boyfriend, he commits to being there for her and her young niece who is caught in the middle.
The melody of their love song rings loudly in Casey’s ears as she and Sam navigate the precarious fast lane of jealousy, murder and rock ‘n roll. 

Buy Links:

KG FletcherRomance Author & Singer

Book release for InkSpell author Connie L. Smith.


Through the Ashes (The Division: Book Two)
By Connie L. Smith

Cover Desgin: Najla Qamber Designs

The war has begun. The battle’s unfolding. And victory feels so distant…

The Essenced had prepared and trained, but never imagined the true horror of watching demons tearing through the Division to invade the realm. Every claw is horrific—every snarl disgusting—and the responsibility of keeping that vile terror from expanding beyond the battlefield’s borders rests in the teenagers’ hands. They thought they were ready for that challenge…

But then their confidence is shaken when a deadly new weapon emerges from the enemy’s arsenal, and well-kept secrets from the Essenced’s angelic superiors begin to surface.
In the midst of the carnage, can the teens find the strength within themselves, and among themselves, to grasp victory in blood-tainted hands?


About the Author:
Connie L. Smith spends a decent amount of time with her mind wandering in fictional places. She reads too much, likes to bake, and might forever be sad that she doesn’t have fairy wings. And that she can’t swing dance. Much of her preferred music is severely outdated, and as an adult she’s kind of obsessed with Power Rangers. She has her BA from Northern Kentucky University in Speech Communication and History (she doesn’t totally get the connection either), and her MA in English and Creative Writing.



Book release for InkSpell author Susan V. Vaughn.


Beyond Fate
By Susan V. Vaughn

Cover Desgin: Najla Qamber Designs

Years of separation mean nothing when love is in the air…

Julia Diaz never wanted to fall for her friend's older brother, especially at a college frat party. But, for some reason, her heart was stolen by Russell that night. Eight years after, she never forgot him. Now destiny has brought them together. Only this time Russell is no longer a boy. He’s a man who knows what he wants and will not be denied.

Russell Webb used to be optimistic, and fun loving until a family tragedy turned his world on its side. Putting all his focus on work, he picked himself back up, and managed to turn his grief into something resembling a life. When a woman from his past reappears, and gives him a glimpse of true happiness, he’ll do anything to secure her heart. Even face the darkness he has avoided for so long. 

Buy Links:
Itunes: Coming Soon
B&N: Coming Soon

About the Author:
Romance Author, Susan Vaughn understood the meaning of sarcasm before she could walk. Her childhood in the suburbs of Detroit was spent mainly trying to outwit her six creative siblings. When she wasn’t working on the next soul-crushing jab, she sharpened her imagination on romantic literature and day dreamed about her knight in shining armor.

It didn’t take long for this hairdresser by trade to turn her passion for reading romances into writing her own unique love stories. Susan lives her life finding laughter in all situations, and delights in marrying sarcasm with romance to create realistic falling-in-love stories in the unlikeliest of scenarios.  
Susan lives on the shores of Lake Huron with her real life knight in shining armor and enjoys watching their three children learn the art of sarcasm and wit.


One of my favorite authors, Amy Lamont, has invited me to her Facebook Group, Amy Lamont's Reading Room, on March 28, 2017 for a Tuesday Takeover! I'll be chatting about all kinds of fun stuff, including books and hot guys and music and giveaways! Don't miss it!


That may be all I can fit in this one post without it breaking the internet! Thanks for stopping in! Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow? What snow? - IWSG on Goodreads - Release Day for Ashley Brooke Robbins!

We're lucky to have all four seasons here in New York, except I really hate the winter one.

Each time we had a small storm this year, or if it was a complete bust, I kept thinking, it's all going to come down on us at once.


Stormy reported on FB for most of the day. Unhappily. :)

This pic doesn't do the snow accumulation justice. We probably got around 20 inches by days end.

One good thing that happened yesterday?
I wrote 'The End' on book three. :)


Not on Goodreads?
The IWSG book club is a good reason to join.
Don’t do much on Goodreads?
This is an excellent way to dip your toes in a little more.
Not enough time in your day?
We read one book every two months.
OUR GOAL: The Insecure Writer's Support Group (Book Club) is for writers to read/learn about the writing craft. In this book club, we will swap back and forth between non-fiction writing books and fiction books that demonstrate how to do certain aspects of storytelling. 

No promo. No review or beta reader requests. 

Just writers reading books and discussing those books with other writers.
**The first book will be announced on April 1st.**
**The discussion will start on May 17th.**
For more details and to join: Book Club


Princess…I Think Not

A Princess Series Novel
By Ashley Brooke Robbins

Published by: InkSpell Publishing
Cover Design by: Najla Qamber Designs

Buy Links:

The Royal Family Just Got a Little Bigger….

My name’s Baily King and I’ve always considered myself different—liking dead roses, cemeteries, reading fully clothed in the bathtub, and howling at the moon whilst dancing naked under it. But, when my grandma, a woman I scarcely remember, comes for a visit, she opens her mouth and my weird world crashes down all over my combat-booted feet.

See, dear Gram is dying and wishes for me to accept my royal name. Turns out she finally left a small village south of Ireland—a village that her and her husband rule. Pfft. No pressure.

Bam, you’re a Princess. Wear your tiara and shut up.

About the Author:
Ashley’s favorite thing to write about is basically anything to do with myths, supernatural, paranormal…which might be easier for her considering ghosts constantly roam her house. She’s seen into their realm a few times because her third eye likes to remain open—she’s psychic. But upon occasion she’ll be forced to write about mundane, young adult life. It comes somewhat naturally to her considering she’s twenty herself.

If she still hasn’t met a vampire or other supernatural being, you’ll most likely find her with her computer or a notebook, working on whatever story plots invaded her mind or an article for An organization that supports the LGBT+ community, mental health sufferers, and body positivity. Like most young adults, she’s still unsure of what all she wants to do with her life. Become a marine biologist, graphic designer, editor, own a clothing line, become a mermaid, join the circus as a psychic? Or, do it all?  Only time will tell.

She hopes to one day explore the world and all its nooks and crannies; delve into its secrets and rich history. Take her mom to swim with the dolphins, let her sister finally visit Graceland, and, her own dream, swim with sharks, doesn’t matter what kind… Mom probably won’t come for that adventure. She currently lives in North Carolina with her mom, sister, and four crazy, spoiled dogs who think they’re human.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Admitting your weakness is strength.

Shortly after I wrote my post last week, for IWSG, about not being able to write the last chapters of my book...I started writing.

I didn't finish by any means, but it was more than I'd written in a while. It's also heading in the direction I believe I need to go.

I hadn't wanted to complain about 'writer's block', because I know I've complained about that before, and yet I believe just writing it down and admitting that I was having an issue, helped me get through it.

My point? Well, I think you get my point.

Thank you ALL for your kind words of support! I needed them.

Keep moving forward.