Monday, April 30, 2012

Stormy's Z'Big Wrap Up!

Today's weather: Partly cloudy. High of 59 degrees. Freeze warning. Again. Sweet Gnome Gnuts. When's it gonna warm up around here?

Well, my friends, I've had a blast. I can't thank you enough for your continued support.

I hope we stay in touch. I hope we all get famous. That's what I'm shootin' for anyway. 

So, for my final day on the blog, here's a few shots that didn't make it under any other letter.

 And now, the end is near
 And so I face the final curtain
 My friend, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
I've lived a life that's full
I've traveled each and every highway
But more, much more than this,

I did it my way.

Special thanks to everyone I used.

Stormy the Weather Gnome. Out.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stormy's Yard.

Today's weather: Partly cloudy. High of 58 degrees. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

You just never know what you might find in the yard!

Let's go explore!

The first picture of Heather!

What is this? Snowman poop? Yo!. Can I get a bag over here?


I know you're cheatin' frog. You hold keys not cards.

In the interest of full disclosure, only two of these photos were actually taken in my own yard. :)

And, although Sweet Molly Malone is quite beautiful she is not mine.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Stormy X-TRA!

Today's weather: Partly cloudy. High of 54 degrees. High wind gusts possible. Freeze watch in effect. Yeah, cause I love being cold.

X-treme tiger taming!



Special mentions:
To my friend, Nancy S. Thompson,(who got a book deal!) for suggesting Stormy spin on his head like a top!
To my friend, Alex J. Cavanaugh, for suggesting Stormy do a movie and pizza night. I didn't have any pizza but there is a complete X-Files marathon with Spam in his future.
To my friend, DL Hammons, for suggesting Stormy do aerobics. Well, I made him spin on his head like a top! Does that count?
To my friend, Michael Di Gesu, for suggesting that Stormy tame a lion. I didn't have any lions but plenty of tigers. (There were more tigers that didn't make the picture. A lot more) Even a Ted, he's off to the left.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stormy goes to Warwick!

Today's weather: Showers. Chance of rain 70%. High of 56 degrees. Frost advisory for Orange County. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Warwick, NY

One of the many entrances into Warwick.
It's quaint and friendly.
It's Small Town U.S.A. population 30,000 plus meets sustain- ability.

Some crazy lady left her truck door open.

Everything is artsy-fartsy and crafty here. It's historical, trendy and nouveau all at the same time.
Trains still run through Warwick.

Tourism is heavy all year round. They have skiing, golf, wineries, farms and orchards available to visit.
I bet he's made from real stone.

They have their own hospital, small airport, bowling alley and one of the few drive-in movie theaters left in NY.
Monument at entrance to the park.

Veteran's Memorial Park is host to sporting events, parades, picnics and a yearly carnival.
Station #1

Warwick is protected by three all volunteer fire stations under the Warwick Fire Department.

Sometimes they even let me drive the engine!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stormy as Vader.

Today's weather: Showers. Chance of rain 30%, again. High of 58 degrees. Tree pollen levels remain high.

Knock, knock.

Who's there?
Little old lady.

Little old lady who?

I didn't know you could yodel!

Laugh or I will kill you with the Force.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One thing...two thing...

Contest thing!

(Scroll down to see the letter U!)

Alex J. Cavanaugh...the man...the myth...the Ninja Captain legend...has hit 1500 followers.

So, what does he do? He gives out presents!

Win a copy of CassaStar and CassaFire to be donated to the winner’s choice of public or high school library, along with a selection of bookmarks.

How cool is that!

Head here to find out more!

And while you're there...become a member of his Ninja Army!

And...join his Insecure Writer's Support Group!

And...join his next blogfest in May!

And...check out his great posts for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge where he highlights other awesome bloggers including little ol' me!

Alex is made of awesome.

Stormy's Urban Legend!

Today's weather: Showers. Chance of rain 30%. High of 56 degrees.

I just want to say that I'm sorry. It's all my fault that we're here now, hungry, cold and hunted.

What is that?

I'm scared to close my eyes.

I'm scared to open them.

Did you hear that?

We're gonna die out here.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Stormy says, "I Love Trees."

Today's weather: AM showers. Chance of rain 50%. High of 56 degrees.

Did you see me on the last episode of Survivor: Everyone vs. Stormy the Weather Gnome? Life changing experience!

Have I mentioned that I love trees? I am a gnome, after all, so I do find great happiness in nature.

Let's have a look at some of my favorite trees!

Someone thought I was an ornament.

Crab Apple before

Crab Apple after

I named this one Cyclops.

Just my size.

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