Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"You are like wet sand in my underwear."

Anyone know what movie that quote is from? (Answer at the bottom of this post.)

Today is a writing day.

Sharing a few pics from our quick trip to the beach this past weekend!

I miss it already!

Movie quote is from Untamed Heart.

Monday, July 27, 2015

2 Cover Reveals? Hells yeah! Simulation by Tara Tyler & Tangled in Tennessee by Alexandra Holden!

Monday is here again and bringing with it two awesome cover reveals!

Let's dive right in!

My blog buddy Tara Tyler is joining us today! I'm so happy for her!

This is book 2 of her Pop Travel novels.

To go with the cover reveal, here's a bit of writerly advice from Tara Tyler... 

Read and REVIEW! Writers are the biggest readers. And writers know we need reviews to get more recognition. The more we review, the more reviews come our way. Don't be shy, write that review!


It's finally here!! I give you the taunting cover of SIMULATION!

SIMULATION by Tara Tyler

Release Date: September 14, 2015

In 2082, androids are an essential part of daily life. Some are helpful, some would make better toasters, and some are so human-like they're creepy. Back in Atlanta, Detective Cooper's latest client has him searching for her boyfriend who she thinks was replaced by a simulation, an illegal clone android. The guy also happens to be a popular new congressman.

To make matters more frustrating, Cooper keeps crossing paths with his ex, FBI Agent Geri Harper who is looking for the same guy. As Cooper closes in, Geri is kidnapped. But when she resurfaces in Washington and goes on a killing spree, he knows it isn't her. Now under suspicion himself, Cooper must find the real Geri to prove her innocence, not to mention hunt down the powerful villain behind it all. Never a dull moment.

Re-released July 1, 2015

In 2080, Detective J.L. Cooper thought he could avoid pop, until he stumbles onto a video of a traveler who turns to dust. With help from the neurotic, genius “Creator” and a beautiful Southern charmer, Cooper has to expose the deadly glitch and shut it down or die trying. No problem.

Available now!
Amazon ~~~ B&N ~~~ Goodreads

Tara Tyler has a loud voice, loves to help others, and is ever forgetful. That's why she always writes things down, sings, and teaches. She has no idea how she became a writer, but as long as the characters and stories are flowing, she'll never stop! Tara is also the Lazy Housewife, one of the Really Real Housewives of America - a new blog dedicated to doling out tips and advice on how to economize time and money for a happier life (starts in Aug)

Twitter ~~~ Facebook ~~~ Blog ~~~ RRHA

Also by Tara Tyler, MG/YA Fantasy series, Beast World,

Only a few days left for the POP TRAVEL giveaway!!


I love this cover, Tara! I love the matching set! Best of luck! I'm looking forward to reading more about Cooper!


InkSpell Publishing author, Alexandra Holden!

Tangled In Tennessee

by Alexandra Holden

Genre: YA

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

E-book release:  August 2, 2015

One summer. One city. One dream.

One world famous boy band.

Mackenzie Tanner was happy to spend her summer in Nashville pursuing her dreams of making music without any interruptions—and then she met the world-famous boy band, Dear Juliet.

Suddenly, Mackenzie is thrown into an adventure that has her living all of the experiences she only ever wrote songs about. A whirlwind romance and a boy who always gets what he wants turns Mackenzie’s summer into the biggest, scariest adventure of her life.

Visit for details.


A book tour? For me? I shouldn't have!

Thank you Novel Book Tours!

Interested? Need more information?

Head over HERE!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The X-Files News is in here. #TheXFiles #TheXFiles201Days #XFilesRevival

Today's post is all about The X-Files.


Why not!

Am I right?

Of course, I'm right.

I, and sometimes The BOY, have been watching the marathon.

Honestly, sometimes its hard for me to accept the passage of time. I mean Season #1 was only in 1993 and the technology was SO OLD.

Then I do the math and remember that over 20 years is a lifetime for technology to evolve.

Fact is, I can't even make fun or laugh about it, cause I used all that old tech and it was 'state of the art' at the time. :)

But, I am enjoying the shows. Old cars, old clothes, old tech and all.

Mulder and Scully's banter, and the incredible dialogue, will always be my favorite parts of the show and what kept me coming back week after week.

So, here's more news...

For those of you that watch Wayward Pines, you might have seen the NEW 16 second promo.

If not, TVLine has the video HERE.

There should be another promo this week.

TVLine, among others, is reporting that the second best looking Amell on the planet has joined the cast of the mini-series.

Robbie Amell.

He's on the left.

[If you didn't know...the guy on the right is Stephen Amell. You know, Arrow/Oliver Queen on the CW. Yeah. Him.]


TVLine also reports that The Lone Gunmen will be joining Special Agents Mulder & Scully once again.

That should be interesting. Considering their fate in Season 9. :)

And finally...

Actor, X-Files Super Fan, and The X-Files Files podcaster, Kumail Nanjiani, got the role of a lifetime on his favorite show.

Go HERE to check it out.

Lucky him. I'll try not to hate him forever.

How is your week going?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Acorn Tattoo Cover Reveal for InkSpell Publishing author Alyse Miller!

There was so much goodness in yesterday's post that there was actually a little left-over for today!


This is InkSpell Publishing author, Alyse Miller's cover for her new book, The Acorn Tattoo!

Title: The Acorn Tattoo (a novella)

Author: Alyse Miller

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Release Date: September 23, 2015


Sometimes Neverland isn’t the place you go to stay young; it’s the place you leave to grow up.

Claire Baker is an orphan who has always been afraid to open her heart – that is, until she meets Jake Holland, the Boy with the Acorn Tattoo, who sweeps her off her feet with his ocean-timbered voice and sheepish Lost Boy grin. Consumed by their budding romance everything seems to be perfect for Claire, completely perfect --

– Except for Davie, Claire’s childhood friend who’s always held a corner of her heart – the dark, somber-eyed boy who has grown into a handsome, enigmatic man – and who has hooked himself so deeply inside of her she cannot escape him. When Davie professes his love in an unexpected burst of loosened passion, Claire finds herself torn between the two men: the one that’s stolen her heart and the one who’s held it all along. 

Now, Claire must navigate through the purities and passions of love and accept the consequences of finally letting her heart take the lead.

Lost in Neverland, how does a girl choose between the Pan and the pirate?

Alyse Miller is a fiction writer in New York. She can often be found writing in dimly lit coffee shops while drinking chai tea. She is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), the Women's Fiction Writers Associations, and Author's Guild.

Twitter: @thealysemiller

Awesome cover.

In other news ... I wrote over 500 words on the new story!

Bobby (Maggie Maguire's brother, the cop) has been a really, really, really loud voice in my head and after talking with you guys, and my 'editors', I decided to take the leap and start telling his story.

We shall see how far we get!

Thanks, everyone!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This blog post is so full of amazing stuff, it might EXPLODE!!!

I've got so much stuff to share that I better get right to it!

But, thank you to those who answered Monday's questions about conferences / conventions.


Tara Tyler is having a cool giveaway on her blog to celebrate Pop Travel's book birthday! Happy book birthday, Tara! I can't wait for book 2!



Crashing Into Love:
Lost meets Romancing the Stone--action adventure, a dash of mystery, and romance to die for.

Seven planes lift off…seven planes crash…seven stories of struggle, passion and love in the barren Canadian Wilderness, the coast of England, or the steamy heat of a tropical island. Romance hangs in the balance between survival and death.

Brace for Impact by Daryl Devoré

Crashing into You by Lisa Kumar 

Crash and Burn by Melissa Keir 

Crashing Through Time by Jenna Jaxon 

Love Comes Crashing In by Brenda Dyer

Falling Hard by D'Ann Lindun 

A Splash of Romance by Deb Julienne 

Snag your copy from Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) or Createspace


The Circle of Friends Series by L. Diane Wolfe
Ebook ISBN 9781939844125
New Adult/Young Adult

Get inspired to achieve your dreams!
Book I...Lori - Driven by Olympic dreams, the swimmer appears destined for success. But something is holding her back. Can the star quarterback help Lori break free and achieve her dreams?
 Book II...Sarah - There are no rewards for second best. Estranged from her father, envious of her best friend’s perfect life, Sarah’s unable to measure up to expectations. Can a future NFL receiver with baggage of his own make a difference?
Book III...James - Haunted by a troubled past, he’s determined to break free of the abuse and start a life with Maria. When a life-changing crisis erupts, James nears the breaking point. Can he find peace before the mistakes of his father destroy him?
Book IV...Mike - A prisoner of guilt for so long, he’s consumed with condemnation and unable to forgive himself. When Danielle enters his life, he can no longer hide the past. Will she be able to reach him or is Mike past the point of redemption?
Book V...Heather - When confidence turns to frustration, she finds her dream of coaching basketball tarnished. Heather struggles with a dying father, a troublesome sister, and a cocky player. Can Mark help the feisty woman survive?


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY it's just $0.99!


From warm sunny days to long sultry nights, spend your summer falling in love in a small town! These nine contemporary romances featuring sassy heroines, sexy heroes, and lots of heartwarming romance make the perfect beach read. Whether your pleasure is sweet small town romance or smolderingly sexy love stories, there's something in the Small Town Summer box set for everyone!

Small Town Summer includes novellas from nine BESTSELLING, AWARD WINNING, and RISING STAR authors:

AWAKENING ANNA, by Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Terri Osburn
ANYWHERE WITH YOU, by Heatherly Bell
MOONSHINE & MAGNOLIAS, by National Bestselling author Jamie Farrell
SUMMER STOCK, by Regina Kyle
A KISS IN KITE HARBOR, by Stefanie London
HER LAST SHOT, by Megan Ryder
SWEET HOME ALASKA, by Rebecca Thomas 


Write Club has made it to the Semi-Final rounds. This is when the writing really starts to shine!

The writer's could really use some votes and it doesn't get any easier than reading 2 short pieces of fiction and then naming your choice in the comments!

DL Hammons (and his awesome wife) do an amazing job on this whole contest!

Check it all out...HERE





Season 1, Episode 8

The BOY and I are a few episodes ahead. Our next one will be Season 1, Episode 13, Gender Bender.

Interview with Chris Carter from Nerdist!

Chris Carter, The X-Files creator, discusses returning to the franchise he started 24 years ago, pitching and planning the show, mythology and “monster-of-the-week” episodes, his collaborators, how the room works, and lots more. 

Nerdist Writers Panel #204: Chris Carter

Monday, July 13, 2015

Curiosity. It's not just for cats.

July 13th already? Where the heck is this month going?

Besides the fact that the San Diego Comic Con just finished, and I wasn't there ... again ... a bunch of writing conferences are coming up soon.

So, I'm curious...

Are you guys going to anything this year?

Which one(s)?

What do you feel you get out of it?

Is it worth the money?

Do you guys have any (annual) memberships?

Have you joined any local chapters for writing?

I'd love to know if you guys think any of this stuff is worth it before I invest time and/or money.

I know I need to do more for myself, and for my books, but I'm a big fat scaredy-cat and I need more data.

Thanks for sharing!

I'm off to get some Monday stuff done. You know, laundry, dishes, coffee drinking.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Hey! Average reader! I have a question for you...

Epiphany: a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something.

I had me one of these yesterday.

A relevant yet sudden revelation.

Maybe the reason I'm having so much trouble writing book three is because I don't want to write it about Emily.

I have many excuses, as I mentioned the other day, and not a lot of content.

Maybe it's not Emily's turn.

Maybe she's not ready for her own story. Yet.

Maybe this book needs to be about someone else. Someone who has LOTS of content.

So, let me ask you this, average readers, if you read the first 2 books in a series, and they were both about 2 female family members, would it bother you if the subject of book 3 changed to a male family member?

Would it throw you off or confuse you?

Honestly, this seems like the best course of action for me, which means I actually got excited by the prospect of writing about this character.

But, readers are important too, and I don't want to scare off the three that I have!

What say you, good blogger friends?

Am I crazy?

Wait! Don't answer that.

Do I have a crazy idea?


Have you seen the trailer for Con Man yet?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A slight makeover, The X-Files news, and other random stuff.


How does it look?

I hadn't intended to go so dark, but I found myself diggin' the purple flames. I wish they continued down the page more, but I can't seem to make that happen.

I got inspired for an update from Tara Tyler. She's always sprucing up her blog and I hadn't made a change in a while.

If something weird creeps up, please let me know.


Have you signed the petition?

Change the Amazon "You Know This Author" Review Policy


The Re-opening of The X-Files News

The X-Files has a new and improved page on with all the latest happenings.

Did you catch the new trailer with 3 seconds of new footage? Duchovny back in a suit!!!

Check it out HERE.

FOX, as usual, starts out with a great idea and then has a brain fart ending in an epic fail.

This is their new campaign. Starting on 7-7-2015 (yesterday), if you start watching 1 episode of The X-Files each day, in order, you will end up watching the last episode (#201) the same day the first NEW episode airs, which is 1-24-2016.

But, they're not going to air the episodes on FOX.


That's fine for someone like me, who already owns the entire box set.

Do they really think everyone is going to suddenly run out and buy the whole set so they can watch it each day? They're not using all their brain cells.

Oh, wait. It's FOX.


Here's the latest shot of the Gnome Garden. It's getting a little crazy in there. I had no idea these tiny plants were going to get so big!



Robert Downey, Jr. posted this.

Best one yet!