Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Days, Seven Deadly Sins Challenge - 7/8


“Is it too much to ask for that luxurious fur” the plain orange tabby cat asked herself for the thousandth time. She only ever wanted beautiful soft fur like the gray cat. And that tiger striped cat, did she have to have such lovely whiskers? It just didn’t seem fair that the Siamese had those mad skills with his long tail when she had none. Well, at least she didn’t have to share her cage like the black ’n’ white twins did but why couldn’t she have the uppermost cage like that tortoiseshell male? What a view that must be! 

Seven Day, Seven Deadly Sins Challenge


Seven Days
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Flash Fictions up to 100 words
Starting 7/7


  1. These are great! Love the perspective!

    I must say, I've actually been envious of my cats' sleek, shiny black fur......AND of the love and attention they always get from my kids!! :-)


  2. Well done. Good luck on the seven day challenge.

  3. Another fabulous offering! I'm loving the cat perspective :)

    A x

  4. so we're sticking with the cat theme?
    i guess i'll keep reading anyway, cause it's great!
    i love it!

    btw, you WON! remember my bloggerview? well,
    carolyn will be contacting you on how to get your book,

  5. Alex - Oh...they covet.

    K. - I know how you feel.

    Rhonda - Thanks so much!

    Antimony - Thanks. It seemed the words fit them.

    Tara - Thank you. I appreciate that you will suffer through the evil cats. I suppose you could insert dog!
    I got an email from her! That is awesome! Thank you.


  6. Another great post. Cats are such characters. I love it!

  7. Are the rest of the sins for cat pov too? Cat theme, I wuff furry animals. It makes me feel fluffy inside.

  8. Heather:

    I LOVE the way you are using the cat's POV in your pieces. What a creative approach! Keep em' coming.

  9. Great post, I love how you have linked the two posts together.

  10. Cute. Are they in a cattery, to be all together like this?

  11. I like the way you've linked the stories and are exploring human themes using an animal device. Reminds me of a flash fiction version of the Graphic Novel Maus (with different subject matter, obviously!)

  12. glitterword - Afraid so. Fluffy is good, right?

    Bryce - I will sir. I will!

    The Gorm - More linking coming!

    Rosie - Cattery? Is that a cool word for shelter? Yes, they would be in a cattery.

    Charity Girl - Wow. You made me sound a lot cooler than I may actually be! Thanks!

    Glad you all came over today!

  13. Great and creative concept! I love cats and at one time had an orange tabby and a gray tiger striped one. Hmmm, wonder if this is what they were thinking!

  14. Yes! More cats! The only issue I had with this one was whether a cat would use the phrase "mad skills", but maybe I just have an unrealistically romantic notion of a cat's level of sophistication. What I loved about this one was the cat envying multiple other cats--though not all the other cats. Really creates a sort of hierarchy, which is probably important to both Pride and Envy.

  15. Halli - Thank you! I always 'talk' for my cats. They probably think I'm an idiot.

    David - Perhaps I was trying too hard for hip! I thought about even spelling skills with a 'z'! Thanks for the kind words!



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