Monday, September 12, 2011

Got to start somewhere

Monday - 9/12/2011

Wrote over 700 words today on Maguire's Corner.

It was agonizing but I wrote them. 

I don't know if they are any good.

I didn't read them. 

I will go back tomorrow and write some more. 
I will go back tomorrow and write some more.
I will go back tomorrow and write some more.

Thor comes out on DVD tomorrow!

How are you guys doing?



  1. You can do it little camper!
    Yes, Thor tomorrow - and the new Dream Theater. So excited...

  2. good for you!
    i finally worked today & again tom and friday (sub)
    back to editing

  3. Yay for words on the page! And yay for Thor coming out tomorrow. Haven't seen it yet. :)

  4. Alex - Thank you! I can't wait to see THOR!!!

    Tara - Awesome! Work is a pain but it makes us feel good and gives us Moolah!

    L.G. - YAY THOR!!!!!

  5. Woohoo for writing. I did none today myself... Yet.

    Camping in Utah. Surprisingly an awesome state!

  6. Robert - I wrote them in my book. It's only about half done. I was just stuck for a while and didn't write and my blog buddies here pulled me out by my bootstraps. They pretty much rock.
    Thanks for asking though.

    Renee - You have a very exciting outdoor life. I have heard Utah is beautiful but I have not been there myself.

    Thanks for coming by.


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