Monday, September 19, 2011

The Worst Movies Ever Blogfest!

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways…at least until 10.

And I have some REALLY bad movies to share!

I said it…they stink on ice.

So, don’t break out the snacks quite yet ladies and gents…you just might lose your lunch.

Here they are, in no particular order…

10: AVATAR – Yes, folks. Bad movie. I liked this film better the first time around when they called it Pocahontas.

9. TITANIC – It stems from disliking Leonardo DiCaprio. Ugh. He may be a great guy IRL but I think he’s a terrible actor. And this movie just reeked ‘we are begging to get an Oscar’.

8. CLIFFHANGER – There are a lot of bad Stallone movies but this one was DOWNRIGHT revolting. I kept hoping some C4 would take down the whole snowy mountain and kill them all.

7. WATERWORLD – The way I hear it there was a much better script written by Joss Whedon that was thrown out by the ‘powers that be’. Then Mr. Kevin Costner rubbed his man-parts all over the film and made it craptastic.

6. ANACONDA – Gigantic, humongous, cumbersome snakes that move faster than the speed of light. ‘Nuff said.

5. POINT BREAK – Yeah, I get sucked in every time it’s on but it’s still a bad, bad movie. I swear I only watch it to get a Keanu fix if Speed hasn’t been on in a while.

4. ALIEN: RESURRECTION – This pains me. Especially since Alien and Aliens were so good. They gave Joss Whedon partial writing credit of this film but the truth is that they destroyed it. I was completely surprised that Sigourney Weaver even put up with the bullshit.

3. JAWS 3-D and JAWS: THE REVENGE – Some say Jaws 3-D is the 3rd movie. Universal disowns it all together and says Jaws: The Revenge is the 3rd movie. Call it what you will these movies should never have been made. I’m still not totally convinced they didn’t make Jaws: The Revenge just because Michael Caine needed a job.

2. HIGHLANDER II – There should have been only one.

1. BASKET CASE – Now, you’ve probably never heard of this movie. I wish I had never heard of this movie. Bad choices like this get made by letting the wrong high school friend go to the video rental store and pick out a movie for all of us to watch. I know we didn't sit through the whole movie. It’s sad. It’s pathetic. It's heinous. The only thing horror about this horror film was that someone paid people to make it.

Well, Peeps, that’s my list. I’m sure I missed a TON of great awful movies and I can’t wait to visit some of you to see what you came up with.

Thank you, Alex J. Cavanaugh, for coming up with a great Blogfest idea!


  1. Great list of Worst Movies! And I totally agree, Cliffhanger was TERRIBLE!

  2. I love your commentary - especially Highlander II - I see what you did there - and Avatar. LOL!!

    The only thing about Cliffhanger I remember is the finger getting bent at a stomach-turning angle. BLLRRGGHH!

    You should find a copy of Basketcase and give it to your hs friend for Christmas!! :D

    Great list!

  3. Pretty bad, I agree...

    I am not the biggest Di Caprio fan either, but I did enjoy Titanic. All the Jaws films are on my list.

  4. Agree with you on Highlander II! Totally forgot about the third Alien film. Stupid! How did an egg get on the ship in the first place?
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  5. Didn't know that about Joss. It would have been a great movie if he'd been part of it and if they'd gotten anybody except Costner. Yech!

  6. Oh, dang...I forgot about Waterworld. Great list!

  7. another avatar hater, not really hater...
    though i loved waterworld, highlander 2, basket case... is it wrong that i am virtually in love with you?
    i love bad/worst movies, these lists are tough!

  8. Jess - You know it!

    K. - I really should get it for her but I don't want those people to get any royalties for that piece of crap. Thanks for coming!

    Michael - You came and there was no post about food! YEAH! I did like the first Jaws movie. Classic.

    Alex - To apologize they should have made a movie where the Aliens win.

    Wendy - I agree. Costner needs to stop acting.

    Salarsen - Thank you!

    Budd - Fine line. Like I said, I still watch the stupid thing.

    Thanks for coming by everyone!


  9. Liked your list, but have to disagree with Aliens Resurrection (Aliens 4). Aliens 3, heck yes without a doubt!!! In fact, it was so bad I erased it from my memory and neglected to put it on my list.

    Basket case, lol!

  10. Avatar reminded me strongly of Pocahontas, too.

  11. Ahahaha! I have to agree with every one you posted. And yes, there should have been only one Highlander. If the writers didn't know what made them immortal, why did they keep trying to guess at it???

  12. It's true, Avatar really was Pocohantas. Or Dances with Wolves, something like that.

  13. Fortunately for me, I have not seen any of the movies you named. However, I just wanted to say that, as a Tom Petty fan, I dig the name of your blog.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  14. i wonder why i havent seen predator vs alien on the list....
    i know the sucked in feeling...

  15. I get sucked into bad movies too. All true stinkers here, although I did like Cliffhanger. Bad acting by all, but somehow I liked it. I may be the only one.

  16. Titanic made my list as well! HATED that movie. I have to admit, like Stephen, I actually enjoyed Cliffhanger, though! I passed on Avatar so that one couldn't make my list.

  17. Waterworld! How did I miss that one? And Anaconda was terrible, too. It wasn't even scary.

  18. Don't cyber slap me, but I actually liked both Avatar and Titanic while simultaneously hating James Cameron.

  19. Highlander 2 I instantly agreed with on that list, that movie was barf worthy, their should have been only one!

  20. We share our loathing of the Jaws sequels! Great list.

  21. Did you hear Disney is creating an Avatar ride? UGH! So glad it won't be ready for our trip this year!


  22. Isis - Basket Case. Don't do it!

    The Golden Eagle - Blue people just don't do it for me I guess.

    Caledonia Lass - I know it. Give it up already.

    Lydia - Strongly resembled is right.

    Stephen - Thank you. I like it too.

    baygirl32 - I know. I'm not popular for that one.

    Tara - I will get sucked in to watch AvP too. Didn't see the one after that. Yet.

    Stephen and Jennie - Maybe I should give it another chance.

    Jennifer - Snakes don't scare me as much as gross me out in numbers.

    Susan - Never fear. To each his own. That is why these lists are so much fun.

    Pat - AMEN!

    Lisa - Yeah. They should leave well enough alone.

    Thanks everyone for coming by and commenting! It was fun.


  23. Ha, I thought I was the only one who hated Avatar. That movie is essentially Dances With Wolves meets Fern Gully. It's also a shameful rip off of the John Carter from Mars series.

    James Cameron may be a master of great visuals, but I hate that movie. I'm so glad the blue people didn't win best picture.

    Great blog by the way. Following you now.


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