Monday, January 2, 2012

Do you hear that?

You don't? 

Are you sure?

It's the sound of the holidays being over!

Can you hear it now?


It's so quiet.

No more lists. No more menus. No more shopping. No more holiday music. No more decorating. No more wrapping. No more eating...hopefully. ;)

I haven't had a chance to un-decorate, and actually this week is going to be rather busy with actual work, but that's OK. I can take down a tree in half the time it goes up.

Let's all rejoice.

And......moving on.

Thank you for all the support. I sure as HELL better get my Muse back on track or there will be HELL to pay!

How are you guys? What do you have planned for January?


  1. I like having my house back!
    And do you need for me to go all Ninja on your muse?

  2. I had to start back to work today so I undecorated last week only a few days after Christmas. Did some serious writing while all the boys of the house watched football.

  3. Susan - I do like to keep the tree up. It's my favorite part of the whole damn holiday.
    I'm afraid I am one of the 'boys' watching football. However, when they watch the History or the Military for hours on end, then I must do something else.
    Thanks for stopping in.


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