Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reporting to you live ... this is Stormy the Weather Gnome.

First, I would like to thank all of you that were asking about me during my convalescence.

The road for my rehabilitation was long and bumpy and even a little rocky and sometimes hilly, but I prevailed and I'm a better gnome for it.

After weeks of bed rest...

...a healthy diet...

...and some really great glue, I am happy to report that I am back on my feet.

I will once again be covering all major or not so major or even just mildly interesting weather related events in the Tri-State area.

You can count on me, Stormy the Weather Gnome.

P.S.: It's currently 18 degrees, clear and sunny, with a chance of snow flurries tonight. 


  1. Glad you're back in one piece, Stormy!

  2. Glad you're up and about, Stormy, but you might want to take that edible oil product off your diet!

  3. I've missed your smiling face, or is that a grimace.

  4. glad to see stormy not under the weather any more (sooooo bad!)
    are you still considering him for the a to z fest? start taking pics now!

    hows the writing?

  5. BRRR cold! Glad to see stormy's up and about.

  6. Alex - I'm not completely in one piece. There is ... a piece missing!

    Wendy - I'm pretty sure I'm made of the same ingredients that the dessert topping is anyway. :)

    Suz - Mostly a grimace.

    DL - I agree!

    Tara - Groan! Yes, I'm thinking of making Stormy the star of the challenge.

    Tyrean - Thank you! I'm glad someone is glad for me!


    1. when i lived in australia, i was in the countryside, and there some guy had a fear of gnomes (seriously) and as a running joke among the locals, every coule weeks we;d get together as many of those gnome statues together and place them all over his lawn.......... cruel but fun!


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