Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where's my meds!

What is going on here?

I feel like summer is sneaking out the back door doing the walk of shame and fall has become a giant party crasher spiking the punch!

Where are my days going?

I'm always running late. I'm forgetful. I zone out. I feel like I'm off my meds...and I'm not on any meds!

Maybe I should be on some meds!

I just feel like my days are zinging right past me and now I'm a little lost.

Better go take some iron pills.

Monday - I wrote maybe 100 words or so. Spent most of the morning writing up my 10 worst movie list. That was fun. I still haven't made it around to visit everyone. Working on it.

Tuesday - Had to work, work. That damn work that pays work.

Wednesday - Wrote over 1000 words.

Ahhh. That feels good.

Hoping to do that much damage again tomorrow because I can tell Friday will be a bust already. The weekend...pretty much shot.

How about you? Writing? Dancing? Gleeing?

Supernatural starts on the 23rd. Anyone secretly watch this show? Just me? Damn.


  1. Lordy, but I could relate to your post. I was juggling so many balls, I finally bit the bullet and took a couple of weeks off from blogging. I'm totally clueless as to why, but the days are flying by, eeeeesh!

  2. My writing has been rather sporadic lately too (too much blogfest participation!). I'm still feeling my way through a new project while fighting the urge to revise my last WIP. I need a double dose of patience and persistence.

  3. No Glee, but I've been major goofing off lately.
    Thanks for the reminder! :)

  4. So busy in twenty different directions. Hope we balance out.

  5. Wednesday was a good day! They were all good because you're still trying. That's what counts.

  6. I wish I could say I've had a busy week, but this is my week off, and I'm so bored I could cry. I'm not used to taking breaks, even though I know I need them.

    Congrats on today's 1000 words!

  7. so nobody sped up the clocks at my house? good! i thought it was just me!
    i was cruisin on my editing thanks to my awesome beta reader. now i'm trying to catch up!

  8. I was where you are at a few weeks ago. I got much better for me and I hope it will for you.

    I finished my hopefully final edit on my second novel. Beginning to query now and have had excellent reviews so far from CP's who've read it. Now the fun really begins. Hoping to find an agent by the end of the year.

    Keeping finger crossed and everything else too. LOL.

    Hang in there have a piece of chocolate and breathe.

  9. I apologize folks. I had written individual responses but Blogger ate them.

    Glad to hear some of you feel the same.

    Happy fall!

    Thanks for coming by.


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