Monday, February 24, 2014

Kate & Rhys excerpt from One Good Catch!

I'm in complete edit mode but I thought I would share a little tidbit to help us all survive these long winter days.

Kate Maguire and Rhys MacGrath are having a, well, let's call it, a conversation.
Excerpt from One Good Catch.

Rhys stepped back to pull the sling off his arm and tossed it on the floor. Moving back he caged her against the wall with his arms and body. Leaning in, his lips hovering just over hers, he stopped.

“What are we doing?” he asked, his voice hushed.
“I don’t know.”
“Tell me you want this.”
Kate shrugged in the dim light. “You think I’m complicated.”
“You are complicated. This whole thing is complicated. It doesn’t mean I don’t want it.”
Rhys lifted one hand from the wall and placed his palm on her chest, over her heart, which tripled in speed under the warmth and weight of it.
“No,” he said, “You never call me that.”
Kate licked her lips, enjoying the way Rhys’s eyes followed the movement of her tongue. “Everyone calls you Mac.”
“You never do.”
“I didn’t know you noticed.”
“I’ve noticed lots of things.”
Rhys closed the gap between them, kissing the corner of her mouth.
“Like what?” Kate asked.
“You taste amazing.”
Rhys kissed her lips lightly, drawing the bottom one between his own before releasing it.
“Your eyes glitter in the sun,” he said.
His lips glided along her jaw.
“You’re vulnerable right here.”
Rhys found the same spot on her neck that had her catching her breath and biting down on her own lip.

I hope you enjoyed that.

I know I did. :)

See you later!


  1. Yes, I did enjoy that. I'm looking forward to reading the entire novel when it's out.

    Oh, and I loved the e-card, too!

    Happy editing.

  2. I really shouldn't read stuff like this when I'm at work...

  3. This second book is going to be SOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!! Can't wait for the edited version!!!

    Love you,

  4. ho, hum, dee dum, dee dum...hope your editing is going well, Heather :)

  5. Fantastic excerpt! Can't wait to read the whole thing. :)

  6. temptress!
    and the funny was ron burgundy-ish! ha!

    have a great hump day!


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