Monday, March 24, 2014

Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead! It's Monday.

Hi guys!

It's Monday.

My whole house has been Down with the Sickness this past week/weekend.

We blame the child.

Surprisingly, he didn't get it from school but either from going to the movies or from the firehouse St. Patrick's Day Dinner.

Germy evil kid.

The husband and I still have it, its a lingering snotfest that we just wish would end.

I thought we could open the windows this week to release the plague but alas, it is still freakin' cold and we might get snow this Wednesday. 

Freakin' non-existent spring.

I'm done bitchin'...for now.


If you would like to hear me talk briefly about 'hot guys', I'm guest-posting at the AReCAFE today! Go HERE to check it out!


I swore this year I would have all my A to Z posts written ahead of April 1st.

I promised myself I would because being a co-host I need the extra time to work on my section of the list and to visit blogs and solve problems and such.

It was a moral imperative. 

Yeah, ask me how that went.


I suck!

Stormy sucks!

He's got nothing.

He was supposed to have all these great ideas by now!

He's got like ... six.


That's not getting me anywhere!


Something better come to him soon or he and I are going to have ... a conversation!


How's your Monday going?


  1. Germy evil kid - funny!! Sorry you've been plagued with the plague.
    From the photo, looks like you have seven ideas now.

  2. I hope loads of ideas turn up soon, but it is not easy when you are all feeling rough.

    Gnomes . . . . so I have been lead to believe see the world from a different perspective to us humans. Where even the most foolhardy of humans will stand by a river for a day or two fishing, a gnome will hang in by the garden pond for years smiling away without ever catching a thing. And are they happy, well I dont know I ask but they never tell.

    And I know one gnome who has been holding up a wheel barrow for as long as I can remember in what I can only assume is some attempt at getting into the Guinness Book of Records for holding a wheel barrow. They are odd critters and you never see them eating either.

  3. My friend started a job as a kindergarden teacher last week. Coincidentally, she has a cold this week. Go fig!!

  4. You could use that pic for a few different letters!

    Ugh--cooties! Sometimes ya gotta let that frigid air in just the same...watching the wayward deranged snowflakes here (a bit north of you). It's like they know they shouldn't be here and are not welcome anymore as they are afraid to land!

  5. The plague doesn't sound fun at all! But do you mind if I plague you for some help/info? I signed up to do the A-Z Challenge and managed to put the badge on my blog but am confused! When I click on the link on that badge it just takes me to a page of underlined links about my site?? At the risk of sounding dumb, where do I actually post the A-Zs? How does it link into the challenge? I'm finding the ideas for posts easier than the logistics!! Any help gratefully received.

  6. Haha,

    I thought it was only me who had promised myself to have all my posts ready before April. well my excuse is probably that I am a New bee and still struggling to understand bloggermatics and all.

    Well, my Monday did not kill me though it was hectic and almost unproductive so to say. I survived though and was satisfied with other work.

    All the best to you and your household.

  7. Alex - Me too! Thanks for stopping in. I know how busy you are! :)

    Rob - I loved this. It's so true!

    randi lee - I think they all get immune after a while but then they go NEW places!

    Andrea - We are supposed to get snow today! BLEH!

    Charlotte - Hi! I really hope you come back to see this cause I tried to find you on the internet and could not. I would love to try and help you but need to go to your blog to do it. Can you email me so I can help you individually? Thanks.

    Marie - Nope. Not just you. Thank you for the visit!


  8. Oh no! Not poor Stormy! I'm sure those ideas will come faster soon, especially since he's seen THE SAW!! I had to stop everything (my WIP, critting, and blog-commenting) to get my 26 posts done, but I did it - and you will too! :)

  9. Oh, I know how you feel - yucky germs spreading through the house and behind in scheduling A - Z posts. Hang in there, Heather. All will be well. I just know that all will be well.

  10. Oh, so sorry you're sick :( I was sick last month and it sucks!


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