Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday...its not for everyone.

Okay, so I know I told you last week that we should all be writing.


The lawn needs to be mowed.

So, even though its only 9:00 am on Monday morning, I need to get out there because its currently 75 degrees, but its heading to the high 80's later today. With humidity.

We hate that shit.

In my 'small' defense, I will be THINKING about writing while I'm mowing. Believe it or not, I had a conversation with some First Responders yesterday and I have some ideas that I need to work on and figure out and form into actual scenes.

In other words (from History of the World, Part I)...'I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension'...'Oh, a *bullshit* artist!'


Also, thanks for all the great comments last week from the IWSG post! I loved that I had so many visitors and enjoyed visiting with so many new friends!


Tara Tyler's book Pop Travel has a birthday this month and she's got it on sale for just .99! Go get it!


  1. Heather, you rock. I hate that shit as well. Hope your time mowing is productive!

  2. AH yes Lawns, I have just a bit too much grass for comfort so I never quite finish cutting it all.

  3. I hear ya on the heat and humidity!

    I love writing my morning pages outside, but there comes a time here in Texas when the heat and humidity chase me right back indoors!

  4. I hired a very cute young man to mow my lawn. When I first saw him, I said, Oh! You are so young and just as cute as can be.

    Then I told him I was allowed to say that because I'm old enough to be his mom. He was nice about it. I do enjoy gazing at him while he mows and trims.


  5. Mowing makes for great thinking time because no one can interrupt you by talking to you! =P Have a good week.

  6. It's winter here, and although my flesh is cold right now, I am thrilled that it's winter and not summer. I hate hot and humid weather. ;)

    The thinking part is very important when it comes to writing! Sometimes I think we do our best work when we're not actually at the computer - or the notepad.

  7. It's so hot around these parts in the days, I don't want to even lift a straw.

  8. That's why I don't have grass! What I'd really like is a little courtyard to sit out in and write. When the humidity and heat aren't high, though.

  9. Kudos to you for doing the lawn at all. I don't have a lawn, but my kitchen floor is covered in several months of filth. I don't intend to clean that sucker. I intend to let the ants, who're storm-trooper-ing their way through the apt, have a whack at the floor, and hope that the problem takes care of itself. Heh-heh. :)

  10. I'm glad I don't have to worry about cutting the grass. I just have to worry about the gardening part of the yard work, which is 4 tomato plants and 2 bell pepper plants. I also take care of some weeding. : )

  11. youre so awesome! thanks for the shout!

    and stormy probably would appreciate the lawn maintenance, so it doesn't grow up over his head!

    happy july!

  12. I like your thought long as you're thinking about something, it counts :) You are a genius my friend :P


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