Wednesday, September 10, 2014

If you live in the US, I need about 15 minutes of your time today.

You may have been hearing about Net Neutrality and figured it had something to do with Switzerland's internet.

Not true.

If you want to know more about Net Neutrality check out these sites:

A Helpful Guide to The Open InternetNet Neutrality RapNetNeutrality.comDeaf Advocacy Groups & VerizonComcast Censors Article About Net NeutralityEtsy CEO On Net NeutralityReddit: Only YOU Can Protect Net Neutrality

If you want to understand what Net Neutrality is, and how it WILL effect you, then watch this VERY funny, may contain strong language, video from John Oliver.

You can join the Internet Slowdown today, September 10, 2014, to protest big cable companies and their plan to make the net their ultimate cash cow and chew toy.

"Kickstarter, Meetup, Netflix, reddit, Upworthy, Vimeo, Wordpress, imgur and countless other sites are taking part in the Internet Slowdown. And while it's great to have corporate support, we aren't
going to win this fight just because Netflix is on our side."

GO HERE to find out how to help, to add your name to the petition, and how to spread the word.


I'm going to go write some stuff and think about this guy.


  1. I love that John Oliver video have been watching him ever since ;) good luck with the fight US!

  2. Cable companies want to rule the world (well maybe North America). . .When the big players (telecommunications) want in and want to determine how they deliver their services, the little guy usually loses.

    I worked at one time for a big name communications company and the code phrase was 'entangle the customer'.

  3. I will add my name because net neutrality is a bad idea.

  4. Thank you for the information. I love John Oliver.


  5. I love that John Oliver clip. Such a fantastic show—makes me wish I still had HBO.

  6. Thanks for sharing this; I just added my name :)

  7. Great post and thanks for the info on the net... oh, and the eye candy!


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