Friday, December 5, 2014

Caution...compliments ahead!

I was asked the other day if I could live without blogging.

There's times when I'm lazy and don't feel like posting. I can admit that.

But, then a day like this past Wednesday happens and it makes me feel ... amazing.

My post for December's IWSG got over 60 wonderful comments. It was so awesome.

I've said it before, this blogging community is the very best.

Thank you.

It's funny cause I've been so freaked out about my edits that I was kind of in a funk. Every single edit has been a struggle.

And, not because I think that the editor's suggestions are bad, most of them have been good.

But, because I think I'm being taken out of the book with each delete.

So, to get all these great comments about my 'advice' felt pretty damn good.

Almost like ....

.... good.

And on that note, I have to get back to the edits and remember that hopefully the book will be better when I'm all done.

What are you doing this weekend? 


  1. Glad you got so many comments and words of encouragement!
    And anytime you feel like a Firefly hero is a good day.

  2. Glad you had fun and got so many comments! Good luck with your edits.

  3. That picture made me smile. Big Damn Heroes indeed. Going to a writers' Christmas party tomorrow.

  4. Well Done indeed on all those comments That is about a years worth for me. . . . Although I will admit I never edit anything but that is because I write whenever I can, so no time to do edits...

    I am a bit behind on posts this year compared with previous years but I guess that happens. . . . Keep up the good work.

  5. Now you are recharged for those edits!

  6. Wonderful to get so many comments. Well done.
    This week I continue my quest for a new home, or if the weather is not good will be packing boxes.

    You have a wonderful week-end.

  7. Sorting out Christmas gifts, cards, meals, looking after invalid husband, replacing illustrations to a children's book, have decided one or two not good enough, editing another, worried about the fact that I haven't visited an elderly friend in the nursing home, just life really, Heather. Good luck with your own activities, written or otherwise 🌸

  8. IWSG always gets me lots of encouraging comments too.

    My weekend has way too much going on in it and not enough relaxing. =(

  9. I write my blogs about a month in advance, so I never feel like not posting! That seems to solve that problem.

  10. After seeing Nathan Fillion...I don't remember what you just posted about ;)


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