Friday, October 9, 2015

A BIG TY, 2 blog hops & some FB funnies for Friday!!!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the blogging community and especially the Insecure Writer's Support Group?

You guys are the best. So many words of encouragement and solidarity this past Wednesday.

Our boat may be full, but we're having a damn blast in it!

Thank you!


I've recently joined two blog hops, which is nice cause its been a while since I've done any.

Bish Denham & Alex J. Cavanaugh are hosting The Listing Fest on 10-26-2015. 

The rules are simple. All you have to do is sign up HERE, grab the banner, and make a list between 5 and 25 items long and post it on October 26th. List whatever you feel like (except for adult type content). That's it!


Patricia Lynne is hosting the Trick-or-Treat Book Blog Hop!

Authors: Sign up HERE until October 30th.
On October 31st put one or all of your books up for free and make a post telling readers how they can get your book(s).

How you giveaway your book(s) is up to you. You can give away ebooks and make them free on Amazon/etc. and link readers to it. You can do paperbacks or ebooks, create a giveaway, gift it or hand out a coupon code, or use another social media like Twitter or Facebook. The only requirement is the book must be free.

Any type of book is welcome. Just mention the genre/age group/adult content when offering them.

Readers: Download free books on Halloween.

The goal of this hop is to get books into readers hands. Both authors and readers are free to make posts hawking this hop because the more the merrier. Use the hashtag #trickortreatreads.

Authors you are welcome to go trick or treating, too.

I will be giving away ebook (PDF/MOBI/EPUB) copies of Already Home or One Good Catch by email to readers that come Trick-or-Treating on Halloween!


My husband had a work event at Hershey earlier this week. I asked that instead of him bringing home all those little bottles of shampoo from the hotel, could he please bring me some chocolate.

He brought me this. (It's 5 lbs!) Such a nice guy. Guess I'll keep him a little longer. :)


Stormy is looking a little under the weather here. :)


Facebook funnies.


Have a great weekend!

The BOY only has 3 football games left and one is this Sunday! GO D2 GOLD WILDCATS!


  1. Is the chocolate bar gone yet?

  2. That is one heck of a candy bar!!
    Like the Star Lord funny.
    Thanks for plugging the List Hop. Going to be a lot of fun. Will your list be X-Files related?

  3. Two good blogfest Will think about it.
    Wonderful post with so much going on.

  4. I signed up for the list bloghop too. It looks like fun.
    Thanks for joining mine too. =D

  5. Giant chocolate! Mmmm. The Chris Pratt meme made me laugh.

  6. I had that saying taped above my computer at one point about wanting to give up. I think it may have helped! My husband went to Hershey, PA once and he said the town smells like chocolate?

  7. 5lbs!! Wow, that's... that's what I want!

  8. A five pound chocolate bar. Now, that's a challenge.

    Thanks for the Facebook funnies. They're aptly named!

  9. Suz - Not yet! I'm making a list of things we can dip!

    Alex - Right? Crazy chocolate! An X-Files related list? Not a bad idea!

    Yvonne - Thank you for coming by!

    Patricia - It's nice to have some good hops going on!

    Shannon - I'm nervous to bust it open cause then I'll know its open!

    L. Diane - Indiana Jones is my hero!

    Stephanie - It has a faint chocolate odor and that's a good thing! :)

    Annalisa - It's scary big!

    M.J. - I hope I made a few people smile!


  10. Now that is some chocolate. lol.

    Also the The Writing Process pie chart had me laughing, it is so true.


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