Monday, November 23, 2015

5 things you're thankful for. GO! Plus some other cool stuff!

It's the week of Thanksgiving in the US!!

Name 5 things you're thankful for!

1. My husband. He is my rock and my rockstar!
2. My son. He's the one thing I never knew I needed.
3. My family. Always there for me.
4. My friends. Friends I see. Friends I don't see. Friends I haven't even met yet.
5. My words. Sometimes they fail me, but most of the time they bring me immeasurable joy.

Thanksgiving isn't about shopping for next month, or making the perfect turkey, or getting a day off from work.

It IS about being thankful.

Even when we have very little, when we struggle and sacrifice, we still have the ability to thank the universe for our very lives.

Thank you.


Here is another reason for me to be thankful. DJ hit double digits yesterday!


I saw so many amazing sunset pictures last night on FB. This is the one I took.


Check out the first of our holiday recipes on the Warwick Valley Romance Author Blog!


May all your Thanksgiving dreams come true!


  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And it is a time to be thankful. We should be gracious all year round. :) Happy birthday to DJ!

  2. Happy birthday to your son! I'm grateful for many of the same things. Except kids. Don't have any.
    Sunset is wild. Looks like the sky is on fire.

  3. Family and friends. That's what life is all about. And Happy Birthday to DJ!

  4. Oh, you're only a few years from having a teenager. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day with family.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Happy birthday to your son Heather, also have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  7. Such a grown-up young man. Before you know it, he'll be 35, as my son is.


  8. Time goes by so quickly. Happy Birthday to your son. Savour every moment. My daughter is now 24!! Where did those years go? Happy Thanksgiving. Wishing you and the family a lovely time.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! Also, Happy Birthday to your boy:) He's a cutie. The girls will come knocking soon;)

  10. Just dropping in to wish you and yours a happy day today. I'm thankful that writing has brought me the opportunity to get to know you. Be well.

  11. Thank you all so much! I gave the BOY all your b'day wishes!



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