Friday, September 16, 2016

New Release & New Cover Reveal for M.S. Kaye!!

Welcome InkSpell Publishing author, M.S. Kaye!



Echo Through the Mist
Book 2 of the Taken Series
New Release!
Can Adriane handle Stein’s connection to her past and the truth of his motivations?
As Alec and Adriane investigate the reason his father’s old organized crime competitor returned to the city, Adriane eventually realizes Alec is hiding something from her. Will his continued secrecy threaten their relationship? Will the truth of Stein’s motivations rip Adriane away from Alec?
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Prequel of the Taken Series
Cover reveal!
Alec Kaden is the son of organized crime. But that’s not what causes him to be cold, and anger to crawl up his spine. He trusts his father’s judgment—his mother’s death in childbirth was his fault. Only one person can calm the monster inside him, but he will not allow her to know him, to see through him and find the darkness lurking behind his detachment. Will he forever remain her invisible protector?
Will be released 11/15/16 by InkSpell Publishing
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Endless as the Rain
Book 1 of the Taken Series
For Adriane Graham, the real question comes down to this: “Am I Alec Kaden’s guest…Or his prisoner?”
If she’s a guest in the Kaden mansion, then it means Alec has freed himself from his family ties to organized crime. It means he’s telling the truth when he says he’s protecting Adriane from dangerous men and they can shake off the shackles of haunted pasts.
If Adriane Graham is Alec Kaden’s prisoner, it means his tenderness is simply a ruse to keep her under control; his kindness is just poisoned hypocrisy. It means Alec is a cruel liar, and that somehow, by some desperate way, she’s got to get out of this charming man’s well-guarded house before it’s too late.
Is she Alec’s treasured guest? Or merely a pretty bird, trapped in his gilded cage? The troubling questions pour like fountains…flowing…
Endless as the Rain.
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About the Author:
M.S. Kaye has several awards and published books under her black belt. A transplant from Ohio, she resides with her husband Corey in Jacksonville, Florida, where she tries not to melt in the sun. Find suspense and the unusual at
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the short story anthology that I've been advertising, that included my own short story, has been abandoned by the publisher.

The authors are very upset by this turn of events. Some of us are working together trying to salvage our stories. There was a lot of time and effort involved for these very talented authors.

I'm not sure what I want to do with mine at this point. I do want to get it out into the hands of my readers, but I'm not sure how to pull that off at the moment.

I'll let you guys know what's going on, when I figure it out myself. Thank you! 


  1. Wow, what dramatic covers! Congrats, M.S.!

    So sorry to hear the news about the anthology; that must be so frustrating. Hope you and the other authors can still manage to do something with these stories.

  2. Those are very striking covers. Congrats, M.S.! Best of luck to you!

    So sorry to hear about the anthology, Heather. That must be so disappointing and frustrating.

  3. Incredible covers! It's too bad about the anthology. My fingers are crossed things will work out.


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