Monday, November 28, 2016

It's been two weeks since my last blog post...

If I listed all the things I did in the last two weeks, not only would y'all be bored and clicking the little x to close this page, but I'm also sure none of you would be that impressed.

Let's just say that it was a lot and I'm not quite done yet. Just a few more events to get through and then I can relax. 

Yeah, right.

What's distressing is how much work I didn't get accomplished on my book. (Reason #430 why I don't do NaNoWriMo.)

What I did do, was something very frightening.

I sent my two-thirds finished masterpiece to my two 'editors' to take a gander at. I'm hoping they can help me figure out if I took a wrong turn somewhere or if I just need to plow through.

Anyway. Thanks for listening, as always, and here are a few funnies to keep you going!


  1. I personally think that having a two-thirds finished masterpiece to send off to your trusty review board is pretty damn good. Especially this time of year. And especially this year. :)

    I've been seeing that Fonts Matter pic popping up all over the place on Facebook. Makes me laugh every time. But the smartass one is, naturally, my new favorite.

  2. Brave send off of the manuscript. Love the funnies. Font does matter.

  3. Hopefully you'll just need to plow through.
    I really like the last one.

  4. Fingers crossed for your manuscript.
    Thanks for the funnies.

  5. I saw you title and thought, It has been two weeks since my last confession.


  6. May your editors think it's great.

    I wish my checklist looked like that.

  7. Good luck with your manuscript and the editors! I know what you mean about days going by without writing, though; I always feel antsy when I'm not working on one of my manuscripts. Unfortunately, I've felt antsy a lot lately, because I haven't been able to write much outside of work.


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