Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow? What snow? - IWSG on Goodreads - Release Day for Ashley Brooke Robbins!

We're lucky to have all four seasons here in New York, except I really hate the winter one.

Each time we had a small storm this year, or if it was a complete bust, I kept thinking, it's all going to come down on us at once.


Stormy reported on FB for most of the day. Unhappily. :)

This pic doesn't do the snow accumulation justice. We probably got around 20 inches by days end.

One good thing that happened yesterday?
I wrote 'The End' on book three. :)


Not on Goodreads?
The IWSG book club is a good reason to join.
Don’t do much on Goodreads?
This is an excellent way to dip your toes in a little more.
Not enough time in your day?
We read one book every two months.
OUR GOAL: The Insecure Writer's Support Group (Book Club) is for writers to read/learn about the writing craft. In this book club, we will swap back and forth between non-fiction writing books and fiction books that demonstrate how to do certain aspects of storytelling. 

No promo. No review or beta reader requests. 

Just writers reading books and discussing those books with other writers.
**The first book will be announced on April 1st.**
**The discussion will start on May 17th.**
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Princess…I Think Not

A Princess Series Novel
By Ashley Brooke Robbins

Published by: InkSpell Publishing
Cover Design by: Najla Qamber Designs

Buy Links:

The Royal Family Just Got a Little Bigger….

My name’s Baily King and I’ve always considered myself different—liking dead roses, cemeteries, reading fully clothed in the bathtub, and howling at the moon whilst dancing naked under it. But, when my grandma, a woman I scarcely remember, comes for a visit, she opens her mouth and my weird world crashes down all over my combat-booted feet.

See, dear Gram is dying and wishes for me to accept my royal name. Turns out she finally left a small village south of Ireland—a village that her and her husband rule. Pfft. No pressure.

Bam, you’re a Princess. Wear your tiara and shut up.

About the Author:
Ashley’s favorite thing to write about is basically anything to do with myths, supernatural, paranormal…which might be easier for her considering ghosts constantly roam her house. She’s seen into their realm a few times because her third eye likes to remain open—she’s psychic. But upon occasion she’ll be forced to write about mundane, young adult life. It comes somewhat naturally to her considering she’s twenty herself.

If she still hasn’t met a vampire or other supernatural being, you’ll most likely find her with her computer or a notebook, working on whatever story plots invaded her mind or an article for An organization that supports the LGBT+ community, mental health sufferers, and body positivity. Like most young adults, she’s still unsure of what all she wants to do with her life. Become a marine biologist, graphic designer, editor, own a clothing line, become a mermaid, join the circus as a psychic? Or, do it all?  Only time will tell.

She hopes to one day explore the world and all its nooks and crannies; delve into its secrets and rich history. Take her mom to swim with the dolphins, let her sister finally visit Graceland, and, her own dream, swim with sharks, doesn’t matter what kind… Mom probably won’t come for that adventure. She currently lives in North Carolina with her mom, sister, and four crazy, spoiled dogs who think they’re human.



  1. So awesome you finished your book yesterday. A great use of time with the snowstorm. I just joined the book club. I'll see how many of the books I end up reading.

    1. I'm so glad you like the book club idea! I'm going to have to check it out, too!

  2. Congratulations on reaching the end!
    That's a lot of snow. I miss having four distinct seasons.

    1. Thank you!

      I'd like to TRY and miss the 4th season. :)


  3. If only writing the end meant done. I wrote the end of my latest but after getting back notes from one of my CPs I see I still have a lot to do *sigh* On the other hand, getting it done will make my book way more awesome than it already is :)

  4. It is still snowing here!!!!! (5:00 Wednesday)

    1. It snowed on and off today, but no more accumulation. I've heard more this weekend in the forecast. :(


  5. Our seasons in L.A. are very nuanced, and at times seemingly non-existent. I'd like to see the snow, but I don't want to be too cold. Not for any long period of time.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. Hi LD - thankfully we don't tend to get snow like that - when we do ... we wonder what's going on! Hopefully you won't have too many hassles with it ... glad you've finished writing your book and 'the end' appears! I've noted the IWSG and GoodReads tie in .. good idea ... cheers Hilary

  7. I remember snow like that when we lived in ABQ. We've only had two dustings here this year.

    Congrats on writing the end.

  8. Poor Stormy. He's nearly lost. I like snow but not that much - luckily we're having some nicer weather now!

    A good initiative for the IWSG. Looks like it needs a low level of commitment which should increase interest.

    Congrats on reaching the end. It's always sweet but especially for a trilogy. Have a break and treat yourself!

    And congrats to Ashley. Cool cover.

  9. You got more than us in the Boston area. We were supposed to get up to 18", but we received about 10 or 11".

  10. I want the snow to go away, but winter decided March is the perfect time to be really cold.

    Congrats on reaching the end! WOO!

  11. Congrats on finishing the book!

  12. OMG this book sounds damn kickass in its tale telling; I shall check it out.


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