Friday, June 2, 2017

Doesn't anyone dust in here?

So, I un-intentionally took a few weeks off from the blog. I tried to pinpoint the moment in my mind when I decided to take a hiatus, but I couldn't come up with one. Must have been one of those things I needed to do, so I just did it. :)

Miss you all. Hope you're well.

It's officially June. Yay and Not-Yay.

June means my son is almost out of school, which is great because I hate school, but that means The BOY will be here every single day for like 2 months.

June means the beginning of parade season and Carnival which aren't bad times, just busy.

June means better weather. I hope. We could see our breath outside the other day, we had a thunder & lightning storm that we usually only see in the heat of the summer, we had a F1 tornado touchdown 2 counties away, and at the same time, I have a maple tree in the yard changing to fall colors. (No, the environment is absolutely fine.)

Let's hope we make it through June alive and well. :)

I'm off to do something stunning. Make sure you tune in next week for the IWSG posting day on the 7th! There's a special announcement!



  1. I'm not too happy with the weather so far this year either. I was wearing a sweat shirt and shivering outside yesterday. Michigan keeps giving one day of nice and warm weather then going back to cold and cloudy. D8<

  2. That serial killer better make me a darn good sandwich.

    We had a tornado warning in our county last week. Always fun to pile into the center bathroom. But see our breath? Not since...March?

  3. I can't move. I'm a Pisces.


  4. Hi Heather - I'm the killer, though perhaps there'll be a few other Capricorns around ... and I can sneak away! Dust bunnies get me too ...

    Enjoy the time with son - you'll have some wonderful times and at least no school. We don't usually get 'horrific' weather here in the UK .. but it strikes when mother nature feels the urge ... just hope it doesn't feel it this summer!

    Good luck and enjoy whatever is taking your time til the IWSG appears next week ... cheers Hilary

  5. Now I'm intrigued.

    It must be kind of cool to take a blogging break. Just yesterday I was thinking that maybe I should take a summer hiatus. But for now guess I'll go on as planned.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. I've been guarding the fridge lately. Yikes.

  7. Let's face it. Mother Nature is fickle. It's going to be 90 in Michigan in a few days. Seriously? Maybe she has PMS. I've never heard of unintentionally taking a break from blogging. Sounds like a good plan. wink wink
    JQ Rose

  8. Being so far behind reading posts, it is kind of funny the vast array of weather we have had since you wrote this. We are in a cool off right now from another round of weekend 90's weather-ugh! I feel like the summer calendar is slipping away before it even gets started!


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