Wednesday, May 1, 2019

#IWSG - May - New anthology is out!!! and Still recovering...from Endgame.

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May 1 optional question: What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

Happy May? Is that a thing? Well, it is May 1st and I'm still in recovery mode from watching the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame from 3 days ago.
Don't worry, I won't be sharing any spoilers, maybe in a few months we can discuss more, but I will say that watching these movies with my son has been an epic adventure for us both. We will always have so many memories and favorite movie lines to share with each other.
The movie was amazing and I can't wait to see it again, even though some strange clear liquid kept leaking from my eyes for a good portion of the three hours.
And even though the story is complete for some of the characters, we know that others have more stories to tell, so it's not truly over.
11 years - 22 movies - over 60 hours of MCU awesome story-telling (except The Incredible Hulk, it's just bad) - all wrapped up for our personal entertainment enjoyment.
Thank you, Marvel.
It's been one hell of a ride.  

Just released:
Masquerade: Oddly Suited - An Insecure Writer’s Support Group Anthology
Young Adult Fiction: Romance - General/Paranormal/Contemporary
Print ISBN 9781939844644 $14.95
EBook ISBN 9781939844651 $4.99

Find love at the ball…

Can a fake dating game show lead to love? Will a missing key free a clock-bound prince? Can a softball pitcher and a baseball catcher work together? Is there a vampire living in Paradise, Newfoundland? What’s more important—a virtual companion or a date to the ball?

Ten authors explore young love in all its facets, from heartbreak to budding passion. Featuring the talents of L.G. Keltner, Jennifer Lane, C.D. Gallant-King, Elizabeth Mueller, Angela Brown, Myles Christensen, Deborah Solice, Carrie-Anne Brownian, Anstice Brown, and Chelsea Marie Ballard.

Hand-picked by a panel of agents and authors, these ten tales will mystify and surprise even as they touch your heart. Don your mask and join the party…

Find Masquerade: Oddly Suited here - Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Kobo

You can find out more about the authors of Masquerade: Oddly Suited here.

And the authors of Masquerade: Oddly Suited are hosting a live Q & A session on Discord! Join them on Sat 11th May from 1:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm GMT to find out more about the anthology and the contributing authors and ask any burning questions you may have.
The Q & A will be held on Discord. Please follow the invite link: HERE


The 2019 Annual IWSG Anthology Contest is now open for submissions!

Guidelines and rules:

Word count: 3500-5000

Genre: Middle Grade Historical – Adventure/Fantasy

Theme: Voyagers

Submissions accepted: May 1 - September 4, 2019

How to enter: Send your polished, formatted (double-spaced, no page numbers), previously unpublished story to admin @ insecurewriterssupportgroup dot com before the deadline passes. Please include your full contact details, your social links, and if you are part of the Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter IWSG group.

Judging: The IWSG admins will create a shortlist of the best stories. The shortlist will then be sent to our official judges:

Elizabeth S. Craig, author and honorary judge

Dianne K. Salerni, author

S.A. Larsen, author

Rachna Chhabria, author

Lynda Dietz, editor

Tonja Drecker, author

David Powers King, author

Prizes: The winning stories will be edited and published by Freedom Fox Press next year in the IWSG anthology. Authors will receive royalties on books sold, both print and eBook. The top story will have the honor of giving the anthology its title.

Our previous IWSG anthologies:
Masquerade: Oddly Suited
Tick Tock: A Stitch in Crime
Hero Lost: The Mysteries of Death and Life
Parallels: Felix Was Here


  1. Heather!
    It has been a heck of a ride and done so well. We're going to see it again as well. Catch all the little things we missed.

  2. I've never heard of Discord. I'll have to click on the link to find out more...
    Happy IWSG Day, Heather.

  3. YAY! for the anthology and for the next one planned! I'm super excited about that one. I'm ashamed to admit I've yet to see the previous avenger films, so I must wait to watch this last one. My fifteen year old went to see it and loved it.

  4. Glad you enjoyed the movies. Our family is out of the loop on this phenomenon. We've only seen Wonder Woman.

  5. Wow - seems like everyone is talking about Endgame. I have to confess that I've only seen a couple of the Marvel movies so I'm very out of the loop. But people are raving about this one. I might just have to watch it. Happy to help in July.

  6. I've still yet to see the movie. Hopefully I'll get out this weekend. *fingers crossed* Love the new theme for the next anthology. It'll be tons of fun!

  7. I knew we needed Kleenex and I STILL forgot to take any in the theater with me. I hope we see it again soon.

  8. Happy May! (even if it isn't a thing.)

  9. I haven't seen Endgame yet, so thanks for being discreet! Looking forward to the new anthology - we have such a great pool of talented authors in this group.

  10. Endgame made me laugh, cheer, and cry—sometimes all at the same time.

    Congrats to everyone in the current anthology. Love the theme for the next one, too!

  11. I am planning to watch it with my son also--in Japan! I can't wait.

  12. I haven't seen it yet, but am so looking forward to it. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  13. Glad you enjoyed the movies and have great memories with your son. I need to catch up with it all!

  14. The anthology sounds great - and I love the theme for the next one!
    I've only seen a couple of the Marvel movies - I've really enjoyed them and really need to figure out the time to watch them all!

  15. Endgame was so good! That's wonderful how you were able to watch all those movies and create those memories with your son.

  16. You are certainly an avid Endgame fan! It's fun to find something that is so entertaining.

  17. Congrats to all the authors of the anthology and best to those trying the next one.

  18. It was a good movie. That strange liquid... seems like everyone had it. Must be a special kind of popcorn they hand out for that movie. Yeah... Blame the Flerken! Sure, Goose wasn't in it, but maybe he was causing the liquid to pour from the eyes of all humans. No reason he can't have that power.

  19. I'm glad that you and your son have all these wonderful movie memories to share, Heather! I have not seen "Endgame." I have close to 21 movies to see first, and I'm going to tackle them one by one. There are lots of fun things going on with the IWSG. I'm already reading the anthology and tossing around an idea for the next competition. I hope that you have had an enjoyable IWSG Day!


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