Monday, December 30, 2019

Quest complete. And Then You Fall now available for your holiday reading consumption!!!

I did it.
I really did it.
I self-published my 3rd book.
It's on the Amazon.
Right HERE

The third, and final, book in the Maguire's Corner series is out in the world!!

Here they all are!

I'm feeling pretty good about them. They're not the best books out there, but they're definitely not the worst, cause I've read some of those and they really suck.

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to all of my blog friends who've stuck by me while I poorly navigated this journey. Your support is always appreciated.

While I'm at it...Happy Merry Festive and a big Happy New Year!


  1. Heather! That is awesome. You did it.
    Email me the link so I can feature it next week. (That link doesn't work.)

  2. Hi Heather - so pleased for you ... what a great learning experience ... it'll hold you in so much stead. Congratulations and now - here's to a very happy 2020 for you and the family ... cheers Hilary

  3. Congratulations. You can call on me to do a guest post if you want now that the holiday rush is over. Love the cop joke.


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