Friday, January 8, 2016

The Re-opening of The X-Files News #TheXFiles201Days #XFiles #XfilesRewatch

The Re-opening of The X-Files News 

We are getting SO close to the new episodes!

Less than three weeks away!

I'm only about 4 episodes behind now and I'd love to fit the two movies in before the 24th as well.

Need the schedule again? Here it is.

Ep. 1: My Struggle - 1-24-2016
Ep. 2: Home Again - 1-25-2016
Ep. 3: Mulder and Scully meet the Were-Man - 2-1-2016
Ep. 4: Babylon - 2-8-2016
Ep. 5: Founder's Mutation - 2-15-2016
Ep. 6: My Struggle II - 2-22-2016
Watching Season 8 was painful. That's when Agents Doggett and Reyes show up.

Important, fast-paced, and witty dialogue completely disappears from these episodes leaving a lot of hard stares and unspoken crucial information.

I'm just glad I got through it. Again.

Looking ahead at the episodes from Season 9, I've got to be honest, I don't think I've seen them all.

I hated the characters Doggett and Reyes so much that I wasn't watching on a regular basis at that point. I might just get to see an episode or two that are brand new to me!

Here's a few links for more info. There will probably be spoilers, just as an FYI.

FOX - THE X-FILES: Re-Opened

When 'The X-Files' Became A-List: An Oral History of Fox's Out-There Success Story

Mitch Pileggi on Returning to ‘X-Files': ‘It’s a Huge Part of My Life’

The X-Files: Major Spoilers (removed) and First Looks (removed) at Fox's 6-Episode Revival


Guess what else happens at the end of this month? 

Sign-ups for The Challenge begin 1-25-2016!

Have a great weekend. 


  1. I liked Doggett, but I also like the actor a lot. Those last two seasons did lose a lot, but I stuck it out. I don't think I could watch the second movie again though. Such a disappointment.

  2. Just a few more weeks! Saw a commercial for it last night and was excited.
    I hated the ninth season because all Scully did was cry.

  3. I think I may have admitted this before, but I never really watched the X-Files. I saw an episode here or there, and liked them, but never watched the entire thing. I liked the Lone Gunman people—and I actually watched the spin-off when it was on.

    Maybe someday, I'll get all caught up.

    Haven't decided on A to Z. I've missed it for a couple of years now, so I'd like to participate, but...I don't know. Still time to decide!

  4. Are we all going to hear a very loud squee when X-Files finally airs? The squee heard around the world.

  5. Good news Heather, do you know if The X Files are being shown in the UK?

  6. Sadly I'll probably have to wait til it comes on netflix. And I agree with you about Doggett. He will forever be liquid metal man (T2) to me.


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