Friday, January 29, 2016

There's been ... an accident. #StormyNeedsGlue - #TheXFiles returns.

It started out just like any other storm.

Well, hold on, that's not true.

First, the weather people said: "Lots of snow coming! Look out!"
And then they said: "Don't panic. Less snow than we thought."
And then they said: "Wow, we suck at this job, really not gonna get much snow at all."

So, Stormy the Weather Gnome put out a message saying: Due to the lack of storm, Stormy the Weather Gnome will not be posing for photos this weekend. ‪#‎GnomeAgeddon‬ will take place to the south.

And then they said: "Ummm, maybe a little more is coming and you should be concerned, but only in certain areas."

So, this happened: 

Followed by this:

But, what happens next is just unbelievable.

The following picture may not be suitable for young viewers.


It's been unusually quiet on the porch these past few days. Except for some intermittent Gnome swearing.

Then today ... this happened.

StWG: Hey! Who are you supposed to be?

StWG 2.0: I'm you. But...better. *tsk tsk* You've got to pull yourself together, man!

StWG: Ha ha. Very funny.

Yep. There is a new Gnome in town. We're infested! I might have to get an exterminator.


The Re-opening of The X-Files News 

It's been a long time coming and it's finally here. The first 2 episodes of The X-Files have aired and they were great! 

My small hang-up? What's with Scully's voice? She sounds like she's been smoking a-pack-a-day since 2002!

Besides that? I'm loving it! But, I won't share anything else about it until more people get to see it.

Thank you all. I appreciate your patience during my obsessive countdown.


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  1. I hope stormy is feeling better soon. . . . That is a bit of a shock but the life of a gnome is full of unseen hazards. Cloning is something I was not expecting to see among gnomes but it explains a lot. Stormy One may need to rest a bit more.

  2. Bummer, Stormy! At least you didn't get lost in the snow on top of that.
    New X-Files is great. Didn't realize how much I missed the show.

  3. "You've got to pull yourself together"

    Hope you're back to your old self soon, Stormy.

    I'm glad you're enjoying X-Files. After waiting for so long, being disappointed would have just sucked. And Re: Scully's voice...I want to make a Smoking Man joke here, but I don't know enough about him. Anyway, glad you're enjoying it.

  4. Poor Stormy Weather, hope he is ok now.

  5. Poor Stormy. The new gnome looks pretty sharp though so Stormy really needs to hurry up and get himself back together.

    Loved the X-Files!

  6. Gnomes are tough--they laugh at snow. Now that there are two, they will face down the cold.

  7. Awww poor Stormy. When I was little, my mom told me I said you can't trust weathermen because they lie. I wasn't wrong.

  8. Amusing post. I found you because you're participating, I believe, in the Lost & Found blogging exercise. Good luck with your blog, and may the rest of this winter be kind to you and to your loved ones.

  9. Oh no - poor Stormy .. broken by the snow ... but I'm sure he'll be fixed and then Stormy with Glasses is good to go .. fun!

    Well done on getting the A-Z up and running .. cheers Hilary

  10. NOooooooo!! Stormy! How are you going to mend him? Superglue and snow - will that work? Hopefully, Heather will have this all under control soon as I'm not quite sure about that other gnome - where was he when this freak "accident" occurred??? As for the X-Files, I really appreciate you NOT leaking details just yet as it doesn't start here in the UK until the 8th Feb - so please can we have Spoiler Alert notifications - thanks so much and looking forward to next week :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  11. Stormy! Does it hurt? Please get better before April.


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