Monday, November 8, 2010

What's another word for procrastinate? Never mind, I'll look it up later.

I did everything but write this morning. 

Bad Heather!

I think all of my creative writing energy was sucked out of my body last week and I just couldn't get it back today.

I had good intentions.

Sat down with my cup of coffee at my laptop and pulled up all of my programs.

And then...

I read and sent some emails.
Checked Facebook.
Posted information on 2 upcoming fundraisers.
Checked Twitter.
Read some local news.
Checked blogs.

I guess I was really trying to avoid writing today and I actually feel bad about that. I wanted to finish some important stuff before the holidays started to take over my life.

But, you can't write until you are ready.

I should know that by now. If I try to force myself to write, I'll end up having to delete most if not all of it. Worse, I might sit there and stare at a blank screen for too long and that would suck.

Creative writing energy will come back my way. I just have to trust it. 

Meanwhile, I should do some housework. Laundry, dishes, clean out the sock drawer.

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