Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog observations

I'm fascinated at reading other writer's blogs. I am continually surprised at the different methods everyone has for writing.

Some writer's need music. - I personally don't like to listen to the TV or to music when I'm writing. I have a constant music soundtrack in my head anyway. My best time to write is when everyone in the house is asleep or out.

Some writer's need specific food or drink. - I down a lot of coffee while I write. I do snack, which is bad when you sit all the time, but I no longer smoke, so that vice was replaced with food.

Some writer's plan ahead and some don't. - I'm not much of a planner when writing. Which is such a contradiction to the rest of my life. I have lists and plans and back-up plans. Yep, freak. But writing a story I need to have more of an open mind, use more flow.

Some writer's like the pressure of a deadline. - Not really me. I tried to give myself a daily goal and then I fought against it. I've managed to handle a few blogfest deadlines. Thinking of National Novel Writing Month, I would never be able to pull that off. More power to the ones that are trying.

Some writer's have awesome writing spaces. - I sit on the couch. It's not ideal but it's where I'm most comfortable right now. There is a blogfest out there that was just to send in a picture of your writing space. I shuddered when I thought about my space. I should really think about making a better home for myself. Maybe I if I put some effort into that, I would put more effort in to the writing. 
You never know.

Some writer's still write with pad and pen. - For years I wrote in 5-subject notebooks. I used to enjoy it. I've done so much damage to my hands now that gripping a pen for any length of time cramps my fingers so badly I have to stop. I'll stick with the laptop.

Some writers spend time on their blog and reading other writer's blogs instead of finishing the scene they were working on. You know, the one they wanted to finish by Friday of last week and now it's Tuesday of this week and the scene is still sitting there, half done, waiting for closure? That one? 



  1. Incredible how many different avenues bring everyone to the same destination.

    This is my first time with a hard goal (because contest goals apparently weren't hard enough for me, and I let them fall by the wayside....)

    Music, I can't write without it. It's not so much the listening that I need, but the blocking everything else out. For sure, some music does help me set a mood for certain scenes, but for the most part it's just to keep me self-contained.

    I have been saying for months that I'll get a desk, and yet here I am, at the dining room table. Hence the need to block out the TV, the outside traffic, the dishwasher...

  2. Renee - Moving to the dining room table would be a step up for me. I should consider it.

    I do love music but I'm not able to write to it. I find myself singing too much and not typing enough.

    Thanks for stopping in and good luck.

  3. Nope, no music for me either. Love it, but can't write with it on! Or the tv. I need total quiet, which is why I tend to write late at night after everyone else is asleep.

  4. Christine - I have tried so many times to write after everyone goes to bed. I usually wake up a few minutes later, still sitting on the couch, fingers on the keyboard, drooling. I'm better in the morning.

  5. LOL! I have actually done that too, and once while I was chatting with my writing partner on IM. Just dozed right in the middle of it. HilARious!


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