Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anyone catch the number of that bus?

Holy crap this was a rough but wonderful holiday.

Nothing bad happened and it was a very enjoyable holiday but I seemed to move through the whole thing in a fog. It was kind of weird. 

This was the first holiday in ... forever ... that I wasn't out on Christmas Eve shopping. 

My husband actually missed it. Apparently he enjoys the negativity of the night before, last minute, get the f@#k out of my way evil shoppers far more than he let on!

So, being done with my shopping days early, and being able to wrap the presents days early as well, left me with nothing to do on Christmas Eve except, well, to enjoy it. 

That's when the fog started.

We have multiple Christmas celebrations. Ours, the in-laws, my parents and the next day at my brother's. It just seemed that I was opening gifts and eating stuff and clinking glasses without really feeling any of it. 

Then I got home and my living room was filled with packages and bags and presents. Where am I supposed to put all this stuff?

I really don't mean to complain, it just seems we make such a big deal getting ready for the holidays and then they come and go so quickly that if you blink you might miss it.

I did have my moment with the tree and it was very lovely and peaceful and well worth the wait.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and that you have a safe, happy and healthy New Year.

No word from Carina Press yet.

Oh, and cause I'm anal retentive I could really use one more follower to make it an even 50.

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