Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Writing inspiration at Eleven!

So, there I was sitting at my dining room table (because I had to get my laptop out of the living room) with a room full of house guests (okay, just 2) and I find writing inspiration and have to open my story and start typing.

It was the weirdest thing.

I didn't think I would get to write for days while company was here and yet while they sat in my house, and I should have been conversing over coffee and cookies, I am writing pages of dialogue!

What a rude hostess I am.

It felt good to write though. Especially after a week of house cleaning, shopping and preparing for their visit.

Still getting the hang of this first person thing. Trying to be witty and interesting.
I have yet to let anyone read it though. Maybe when I get a little more accomplished.

Maybe I should go do that now!


  1. Congratulations on being able to write with a house full of guests. They say writers should grab every possible minute and you did! It sounds odd but I write best at the local coffee shop - something about all the noise and chatter allows me to zone-out and only think of the writing.

  2. Hey, did 2 poems and two stanzas yesterday while being surrounded by an office full. The words just had to come out. Lovin' you, Me

  3. ha ha the hubs would have sent me eye singals like gosh Jo! that is so rude and i will look back and say So! I have been known to read or plug in my head phones at friends houses.
    Good for you finding inspiration.

  4. Oh yeah, that probably wouldn't go over too well. But, when inspiration strikes, you gotta go for it. I don't know how many times I have to pull over the car to write a quick note, lol.

  5. I am sure you will do a good job. Enjoy the writing. And don't worry about being a bad hostess. You are a writer and when inspirations strikes you have to follow through or else the characters will drive you crazy and the last thing you want is having a loud one on one conversation with your characters. Telling them to shut up and leave you alone with the whole room of people staring at you, wondering if you had a little something extra to drink when they weren't looking.

  6. Ellie - I love the coffee shop idea but I get too easily distracted. I'm a people watcher. Thanks for coming by.

    Suz - Yeah, but you are used to working with all that noise. Glad you wrote.

    Joanna - Thanks. I think I was afraid I would lose my idea if I didn't write it down quick enough!

    Donna - I keep paper and pen in the car too! I don't have a recorder but I've thought about calling myself to leave myself a message. Thank you for visiting.

    Murees - Yeah, I better not have conversations with my characters in front of everyone. Not everyone would understand!


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