Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I solemnly swear I'm up to no good.

I'm about to start re-watching the Harry Potter movies before the last one hits theaters on July 15th.

I have not watched HP7p1 yet. I have been saving that one to watch right before HP7p2. I'm very excited to see them both.

My parents and I read these books at the same time. Almost like a family book discussion group. They also enjoyed them on audio but I find they put me to sleep, especially in the car. That's a bad thing. We had a great time talking about these books and then going to the movies together.

I know some people have issues with the movies. I understand that Hollywood couldn't possibly do the books justice. But I thought the actors did a great job and they stayed true to the books as much as I think they could.

So I will bring my box of tissues and my M&M's to the movies on July 15th-ish and watch Mr. Harry Potter, from the cupboard under the stairs, kick some Big V BUTT!

Anyone joining me?


  1. I am too. I am thrilled and dreading it too.

  2. I've had my tickets to the midnight showing for a couple of weeks now. I'm so very excited for this movie.

    One of the drive-ins near me is doing a double feature where you can watch HP7p1 followed immediately by HP7p2. I'm also looking forward to that experience.

  3. YES!!!! Andrew wants to go to the midnight show...gonna have to take the next day off work. Not a bad thing at all.... :-D


  4. I can't wait for to see it. I also have tickets to a midnight show. I'm currently re-reading the books. I should watch all the movies again but it is summer so it is hard to be inside watching TV.

  5. you had me at the title!
    i havent seen pt 1 yet either
    i wish i had some peers to see them with.
    and i just realized i'll be on vacation 7/15, oh well.
    have a blast for me!

  6. They can only cram so much into one movie!
    That reminds me, next year I'll need to watch all three LOTR before the first Hobbit movie comes out, even if it is a prequel.

  7. I have never seen any of the HP movies yet so I guess I'd want to start at the beginning--just don't know when I'll do it. In fact, I've never read a HP book, but what fun to read them as a family and be able to discuss them.

    Tossing It Out

  8. YES… I have read the books countless times, and watched the movies over and over.
    My favorite is the audio books, I love Jim Dale he is a god…

    There are many hole in the story, you see them if you have covered the story as toughly as I have. But I love them regardless and always will.

    I want to see J.K start at the beginning, with Harry parents going to school (with James, Serious, Lupin… and of course Snape) and ending (five or so books later) with the attempt to kill Harry as a child.

  9. I am going to have to rewatch, too. But I usually avoid the crowds of opening night. I am really looking forward to the final movie, though. I think they've been some of the better done-movies based on books.

  10. Rewatching is a good idea, I have issues with a few of the movies, but I was REALLY please with DHp1. They got every major plot point and did an awesome job with everything. What I love about watching the movies is how those three kids have grown and improved. They've been fun to watch.

  11. Well...I had individual responses for all of you but then I hit something and went to a different page and lost them all.

    I sucketh.

    Glad to hear so many of you are going as well. I am very excited but I don't think I will go on opening night. I really don't like people much. Hard to believe it will all be over soon.

    Thanks for the visit everyone.


  12. Jim Dale is Harry Potter for me. I can listen to those first books over and over. I still have not gotten over all the people close to Harry that are killed off in HP7p.1. Too much with Sirius early on but then Hedwig, Hagrid, the others from the Order of the Phoenix, etc.- then she had to kill Dobby. Talk about overkill.
    We plan to see p2 in IMAX- p1 was awesome that way. And my favorite character is Bellatrix- there is something so demented abt her.

  13. Glad Lee showed up and said something. I was beginning to think I was the only human being who has not seen a HP movie, nor read one of her books.

    No, Heather. I sucketh.

  14. Suz - I'm ready!

    Bryce - I'm sure lots of people didn't watch and/or read it.

    I did happen to love the books and really enjoyed the actors in the movie.

    I just borrowed movie #6 and #7p.1. Can't wait!


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