Monday, October 24, 2011

Best Halloween Pumpkins?

I'm sensing a theme. I don't know why.

I'm still on an unintentional writing break so I thought I would talk about pumpkins. 

Normally some friends that have a farm nearby paint and sell pumpkins for the fall but, due to the fallout from Hurricane Irene, they were unable to this year. 

These are both from 2010. The 'R' is for Rutgers which is a college in NJ where my brother works.

This is for the Florida State Seminoles (sorry Tara). My husband spent some time at this college and we have adopted them as our favorite team.

These I just thought were funny.

Pumpkins are a little scarce around here this year so a little more expensive. I will try to pick up one or two for my son and husband to carve out before the 'big' day.

Do you guys get pumpkins for the fall?

Not to rush us all into next year but Arlee Bird is already gearing up for the Blogging from A-Z April Challenge and even set up its own website this year! Check it out!

Alex J. Cavanaugh has a list of stuff going on and coming up.

And a BIG thank you to Murees Dupe for this One Lovely Blog Award!


  1. The barfing one is my favorite. Have to say I never thought of that pose, but will have to consider it.

  2. that puking pumpkin should be over the seminole (ha ha)
    just went to a pumpkin patch last wknd, wish i could ship you a couple. they had some great ones!

    i need to get back to serious writing too...holidays coming up are distracting!

  3. Awesome looking pumpkins. The award is very well deserved. Congratulations.

  4. Thanks for the mention!
    And the snowman one makes me think of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes.

  5. I LOVE the Freddy Krueger pumpkin! Pumpkins make me smile. Always have.

  6. LOL - It's spring down under - no pumpkins here. My favorite is the funny face and the whip cream.

  7. Wendy - I crack up each time I see it. I also saw a pic with one barfing guacamole!

    Tara - I would love your pumpkins! Wait...that didn't come out right!

    Murees - Thank you. You are too nice.

    Alex - I agree. My niece is dressing as Calvin for Halloween. Teens.

    Nancy - It is my favorite!

    Liz - And they make great dessert!

    Rhonda - Spring? Damn. We had our first ice this morning and our first snow forecast for this weekend.

    Have a great Halloween everyone. Be safe.


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