Friday, October 14, 2011

May 2012 can't come soon enough!

I'm jonsing for the new The Avengers movie. 

Have you seen the TRAILER yet?

It's awesomesauce personified!

The CAST alone is AMAZING but then to get my hero, Joss Whedon, to co-write the screenplay and to direct?

Come on! 

I guess I shouldn't wish so many months away but...I WANT!!!

Okay, I'm done.

Sorry for another short hiatus. Have some family stuff going on that requires my presence away from the laptop. Posts might be spotty for a few more days.

My wonderful child has finally chosen his Halloween costume. He has decided he will be Bumblebee from the Transformers this year.

Excellent choice.

I was pushing for Harry Potter but he is only 5 and isn't as big a fan as I am.

Here is the funny part about picking the costume.

This is how I remember Bumblebee in cartoons from my childhood.

This is a real costume. They sell it on

This is how my son sees Bumblebee in the movies today.

This is the actual costume we purchased.

Slightly different. I was crackin' up at the first one though.

I know my mom made us costumes as kids but she at least had some talent.

I am not a crafty person at all and would just end up embarrassing the poor child.

He is better off with these purchased ones.

Besides, he now has a trunk full of costumes and accessories to play with.

He likes to mash them up.

 Buzz Lightyear/Boba Fett/Indiana Jones with laser shooter
Boba/Buzz/Jones with Monster Slippers and shield

I can't wait to see how Bumblebee fits in!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Didn't you wear that outfit to the last Firehouse dinner you attended? I kept telling you the shield was overkill, a nice pearl necklace would have been enough.

  2. Alex - I'll take pictures and post them after Halloween. Should be awesome.

    Suz - Hardee har har.

  3. yay, avengers!
    boo fsu!
    yay, costume mashups and little boys who arent afraid to wear them!
    boo mine are too big =(
    happy fall!

  4. I love Halloween, but only my youngest will still wear a costume. Great pics, the bumblebee is perfect.

  5. I'm looking forward to The Avengers. The trailer is more than awesome. I love Joss Whedon and everything he touches.

    Love the original Bumblebee costume. Classic!

  6. Tara - Very funny. It's ok. We are both out of the top 25.

    Melissa - Thank you. Luckily I only have the one and he still likes the holiday.

    M.J. - Yeah! Joss! Thanks you.

  7. So - anyone know where I can get a Cavlin wig (from Calvin & Hobbes) and a Hobbes stuffed tiger? My daughter picks the hardest things to be for Halloween!

    I've only got 1 week and a half to get this done.....




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