Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insecure turns to Inspiration!

Welcome to the next installment of Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group.

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you may have noticed that I like to do a little something called...Bitch & Moan.

It's like a disease.

Recently, I haven't been writing as much, mostly due to family obligations, but also because I had hit a wall and probably didn't want to admit it.

Not the kind of wall where you don't know what to write next but more of the wall where you wonder why you are writing at all.

Finally, I reminded myself to send it to my 'editors' to see if they even liked reading what I was writing.

What an ego boost that is!

The comments, questions and complaints are like crack!

It reminds me of a movie called Soapdish with Sally Field. When the long in the tooth soap opera actress gets depressed she goes to the mall and 'accidentally' gets recognized. Soon she is surrounded by adoring fans and signing autographs and kissing babies.

It's just the shot in the arm she needs to get back out there and prove her worth.

Seeing my story through another person's eyes is incredibly helpful. So many times I assume my concepts are getting across but that is not always the case. The feedback gives me new ideas and helps me flesh out the story. Find things that I missed or didn't even know were needed.

And now, I feel revived.

My tiny brain is again spinning the hamster wheel working on my story. My fingers may not be typing yet but I believe they soon will be.

So...thank you 'editors' (you know who you are)! Thank you for asking those questions and making those comments.

Thank you for saying 'I can't wait to read more!' so that I know I must continue and not give up!


  1. Friends don't let friends stop writing! :) "What happens next" or "Can't wait to read more!" are the best words in the world.

    Go, you!

  2. You're so right. It's amazing how just a smidge of attention for your work can make you feel like the energizer bunny!

  3. Hi Heather! Found you via the blog hop. And I totally agree...those little comments can be the best medicine for an insecure writer...which is like ALL of us, I think ;) Hang in'll come!

  4. Glad you're feeling revived and ready to write again! I'll have to borrow this solution whenever I hit that wall.

    Thanks for visiting!

  5. We all need a shot in the arm now and again. You are definitely not alone there.

    Mine came this fall at the book expo I participated in. Much to my surprise, I had an adoring fan stop by. That was really crazy. She went on gushing about my book with all these people standing around my booth. It was so odd and yet, a real confidence booster.

    Take it where you get it!

  6. that is such a great motivator! just us looking at our story, that we know all about and love...its not always enough. we need that other perspective.
    glad you got some!

    and soapdish is one of my all time faves (looooove kevin kline!)

  7. I find that hearing someone say,"I love your writing. It's fantastic is a great boost. Scrape yourself off that wall and keep on writing. Soon you'll be kissing babies and signing autographs. It's in the cards. :)

  8. We all need that boost now and then! Just something to tell us that we don't suck and we need to keep writing. Glad you got your boost. I know I got mine this month!

  9. I always thought that established/published bloggers have passed the insecure stage... which is the wrong perception. It seems like every writer needs a nod of approval now and then!
    Thanks for swinging by my blog!

  10. I had a similar experience just yesterday, but kind of in the opposite direction. I was stuck, too, though for me it was coming up with a plot for my WIP. Well, yesterday, my bff and best crit partner sent me her first chapter to critique and WOW, it was so good, it truly inspired me and got those creative juices flowing. And now, I have my plot!

    BTW, I did a post for Alex's IWSG today, too.

  11. I found your post most enjoyable to read.
    I have a grand total of 431 followers yet If I get 15 on a regular basis I am lucky. I know quality is better than quantity but after all the preperation I do get rather insecure about blogging.

  12. K - U 2. ;)

    Liz - Thank you! I love having such good friends.

    Kate - Exactly. It did feel great. Welcome!

    Charissa - I agree, we are all insecure about something. We just have to keep going. Thanks for stopping in!

    Jamie - Feel free to borrow and share! Thanks for coming.

    Wendy - That is so great! I can't wait to have a fan!

    Tara - I knew you would like that movie!

    Laila - I don't know what cards those are but I will take it! Thank you!

    Alex - You deserve it! You are doing wonderful things in your life and in this community! Thank you!

    MISH - I'm not an established anything yet. But here's to hoping! Thank you for coming by.

    Nancy - Great story! We will take anything we can get, right? Thanks for stopping in.

    welcome - Thank you. I agree. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and we don't always see immediate results. We just have to keep going and remind ourselves why we do what we do. For us or for them?

    Thank you everyone for the great comments. I appreciate your time!

  13. YAY! Love it when that happens! You've been revitalized. Hey, we all need it sometimes... that little jumpstart to rekindle the romance with our muse. My muse needs romancing and seducing quite often... so I have to pamper her regularly.
    BTW Bitch & Moan are good friends of mine too. lol

  14. Pk - I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! Thank you!

    Murees - Thank you! Couldn't do it without you guys!

  15. No giving up. Ever! Of course I'm sitting a little too close to a wall too lately. LOL

  16. DL - Ha! Thank you!

    The Desert Rocks - I'm with you!


  17. Totally agree with Liz! Friends don't let friends stop writing. Keep at it! :)

  18. Margo - Liz is very smart. Thank you and thanks for stopping by!


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