Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BYOT - Bring Your Own Tissues!

Hello again.

Wait...don't be frightened. It's just me posting a second time in one week. It's all right. Don't panic!

So, this post is kind of an extension of Alex J. Cavanaugh's Genre Favorites Blogfest from Monday.

I had a great time reading my fellow blogger's posts about their favorite music, book and movie genres.

One in particular stuck with me.

L. Diane Wolfe from the Spunk On A Stick blog wrote this...

Guilty Pleasure -

I love animals. So much I don’t eat them. For a guilty pleasure genre, I’ll have to go with animal movies. They suck me right in and yes, I cry like a sap when something bad happens. (Which is why my husband won’t let me watch one of my favorites, Born Free, because I cry through the whole thing.)

In my comment to her I mentioned that all women have a 'crying' movie. The one movie that we know will make us cry but we watch anyway cause we know we need ...well... a good cry.

I don't expect our male bloggers to understand.

Let's just say that after being complete control freaks most of the time, every now and then we just need to let it all go.

This, of course, means different things for different people.

Stress relief can take on many forms but sometimes big blubbery tears and a out of control runny nose can solve all your problems.

My go to movies?

Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!

Do not click on these links if you do not want to cry today.

Steel Magnolias



I know, right? Heart wrenching. But they get the job done.

So....share with me.

Do you have a 'crying' movie of your very own? 


  1. I love that scene in Steel Magnolias. I go from crying to laughing at warp speed.

    BTW, when I first read your post, I thought it said blueberry tears. Good for giggle!

  2. Message in a Bottle, the scene where she reads the last message written to the deceased wife, the one he was going to send to her when the storm hit.

  3. You hit the two I cry at every time! Even before hormone havoc started in my body in recent years. I found myself crying in almost every Friday Night Lights episode we watched on Netflix. Where's my medication?!

    And I too read "blueberry tears". LOL!!
    Love you,

  4. Sorry, don't think I have a crying movie. There's a scene in The Abyss. that's really sad though. Two, actually. No crying, but they are emotional.

  5. Oh Heather!!! Beaches, still? Me too!!! I remember seeing it in the theatre with Tommy & Kelly and bawling my eyes out, but immediately thinking, " I MUST bring Heather to see this!" And I brought you the very next day and proceeded to bawl my eyes out once again! Some things never change! :-) Love you sweetie!

  6. Yes, we do have crying movies. I never really thought about it the way you explained it, but it is so true. Sometimes we just need a really good cry. Beaches gets me every time.My sister sang Wind Beneath My Wings at my brother, Blake's funeral twenty three years ago and I still cannot watch the movie or hear the song without completely losing it. Another movie that really tears me up is Terms Of Endearment. OMG, I almost forgot the biggest tearjerker of all for me, My Sister's Keeper. Two form my childhood are Old Yeller and Where The Red Fern Grows.

    Great post.

  7. These two movies are my crying movies, but also An Affair to Remember. I've seen it dozens of times but it never fails to make me cry

  8. LOL! Yes, now the world knows I'm a crying sap when it comes to movies. I even cried during The Lion King. And Legend when they come upon dead unicorn.

  9. That Beaches scene was a killer! I just saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close over the weekend. That was a good crying movie for me too

  10. did in hunger games and toy story 3. there are others, but those are most recent...
    sometimes a good cry is exactly what we need!

  11. Those are my two tear jerker's too! My mom and I watch steel magnolias every so often and you would think that we would be used to Shelby dying already. Another one that really gets to me is Terms of Endearment.

  12. Nancy – Best Sally Field scene. Ever.

    Anon – I haven’t seen that movie. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

    K. – I need my pills! Bring me my pills! Love you with or without blueberry tears!

    Alex – You’re telling me that you didn’t cry when he has to watch her drown and then can’t revive her????!!!!???? You’re a man’s man, sir!

    Linda – I haven’t actually watched Beaches in years. Too hard. I blame you! : )

    Melissa – That’s a really moving story. Thanks for sharing it with me. I never watched Terms of Endearment. Huh. Wonder why? Thanks for coming!

    Karen – It’s therapeutic! It must be. Look how many of us do it!

    L. Diane – You are not alone, apparently! The music in Legend gets me all the time.

    Heather – I haven’t seen that movie. Now I know to steer clear! : ) Thanks for the visit.

    Tara – Hunger Games is a crying movie? Uh oh. Toy Story 3 made the whole theater cry. Evil Disney.

    Murees – It doesn’t matter how many times we watch it, does it.

    Thanks for the visit everyone!

  13. OMG, Steel Magnolia's is awesome and cry-worthy. So is The Color Purple. When Celie sees that African Flag unfurl and she realizes she is about to see her sister and children after all those years apart . . . oh, man, I really lose it, every time.

  14. Tamara - Oh, great movie Color Purple! Haven't seen that in years.
    Thanks for coming.


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