Monday, September 24, 2012

Come look what I went and done!

I'm on a crazy roller coaster.

I'm nervous. I'm elated. I'm freakin' out.

Rinse and repeat.

Yesterday, I entered the So You Think You Can Write contest from Harlequin.

Click here to check it out!

I have to give a BIG HUGE THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to my friend and fellow blogger, Nancy S. Thompson.

Last minute I begged for her help and she came through with flying colors.

Nancy and I have something awesome to share this Friday on my blog so make sure you come back to check it out.

There will be a public voting round on the contest from October 2-11.

I'll be pandering for votes during that time. :)

Everyone have a good weekend?

Anyone else going to enter the contest?

Anyone want to share their favorite relaxation methods before I lose it completely?


  1. Hope there are no loops in your roller coaster! (I always hate being thrown for a loop.)

  2. Wahoo! I'll be sure to vote for you when the time comes!

  3. No pandering needed - I'll vote! Now breathe...

  4. I love L. Diane Wolfe's comment.
    I am so proud of you... Whatever you did.

    you deserve a high- don't relax too soon.

  5. You know you have my vote! Thanks for the shout out. It was truly my pleasure to help. And thanks for the forthcoming payback! Now go relax.

  6. Oooh exciting! Will keep good thoughts for you! And vote when you pander :)

  7. Breathe. Go for a walk. Take a B-vitamin. :)

  8. wine or whine, choose your spelling =)

    and yay! cant wait to hear about the surprise!

    good vibes for contest!!

  9. L. Diane – Me too. Loops make me nauseous!

    J.A. – Thank you so much! I’ll let everyone know.

    Alex – You rock. Thank you! Commencing breathing!

    Suz – Thanks. Whatever I did. You’re funny.

    Nancy – Appreciate it very much! Can’t wait to share!

    Johanna – Pandering a week away! Thank you!

    Tonja – I should walk. Walking would be good. I like that one.

    Tara – So true! Thank you for the vibes!

    Thanks everyone.

  10. Hi, Heather! Good luck!


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