Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful and Insecure.

So, I'm not at home. I had a family issue to deal with so I'm remote posting from my phone.

But...I want to tell you how thankful yet insecure I am.

I can't put up the links this way but I'm participating in Tara's blogfest. We are supposed to thank our readers/blog friends/CPs that help us and support us.
I have a ton to thank.
My mom, Suzanne. My sister, K, aka Anon. My friends Tara, Nancy, Alex, MJ, Tracey, Murees and so many more that come all the time to my blog and leave encouraging words and share in my misery and triumphs.
You are the glue that holds me together.
Thank you so much.

As for insecure...duh...have you met me?

Today is Alex J. Cavanaughs Insecure Writers Support Group post.

I'm so pathetic.

Due to Superstorm Sandy the power/internet/phone was knocked out at the NY offices of Harlequin. The top 28 finalists in the contest were supposed to be notified by Monday. We still haven't heard.

Its torture but at the same time I know people who have lost everything in this storm so I have nothing to complain about.

There are daily collections of supplies going to NY and NJ around here to help the victims.

I can't believe how petty I can be wondering about the results.

And yet...that's all I can think about. Epic fail.

Perhaps we will hear today or maybe soon. I'll just eat some more chocolate. And wait.

Did I mention we have a Nor'easter coming tonight?

Woo and a Hoo!

So, how are you?
Have anyone to thank?
Feeling insecure?


  1. That storm has shaken up a lot of lives and will continue to make things difficult to seriously bad for people for a long time. So sorry. I'm sending cyber chocolates.

  2. Thank you for joining in the bloghop, it is good of you to be thankful when the stress of the storm is upon you. (And it is only human to think about the contest.)

  3. Thanks, Heather!
    And it's important to you, so natural it's on your mind. No guilt. Hope you hear something soon.

  4. Oh man, that really sucks. I totally get this. I'm like THE most impatient person in the world. Mix in a little anxiety and insecurity, and you have the perfect cocktail for a complete meltdown. Just know that we are here for you and are holding your virtual hand. In the mean time, hunker down and ride out this next one. Much love and (((hugs)))!

  5. I'd be wondering about results too. And feeling bad about it. I agree with what VikLit said... it's only human.

    Stay safe!

  6. Stay safe. I know it can be frustrating waiting on word about the contest.

  7. Bravo to you for posting from your phone! That's commitment. I say eat more chocolate, whether you hear from the today, tomorrow, the next day...

    Stay safe in the storm.

  8. Aww - you thanked me. I'm going to get all veklempt now. I am thankful for you and our NY family for providing a warm place to stay, good food, and good company last weekend. I'm thankful for the utility workers who are working very hard to get everyone powered back up.

    I'm insecure about lots of things too...but we won't go there here.

    I am keeping my fingers, toes, eyes and ears crossed for you! When you hear, you have to call me right away - I probably won't have power still so won't have internet access.

    love you!

  9. Like others have said, being curious is natural. Hope you hear soon and do stay safe!

  10. First of all, take good care, and, don't feel guilty about your worries and add to them. Sending you good energies and positive vibes from across the seas!

  11. I've been worrying about the people losing their homes and suffering in the bad weather. I haven't really thought about all the businesses losing money and people being unable to work. Hope the snow doesn't last.

  12. Good thing you have chocolate. Very important. In all seriousness do stay safe. While many have lost a lot, it's still human nature to worry and wonder about small things like those results. It's a coping mechanism. So don't stress it.

  13. got any fingernails left?! ah! hope you're keeping busy in the waiting for notification & storm! stormy is busy w/so much weather to talk about! crossing everything i can for ya!

    and thank YOU!!!

  14. Well don't feel bad for it being on your mind! It's not like you don't care about any of the other stuff. You're human. You can't help but be anxious for news, anyone would be.
    Good luck and take care!

  15. Hey Heather! I am so glad to hear you are alright. Don't worry, you are not being petty, this is a big deal for you and your writing and basically all publishing houses are closed in NY, which means my agent has nowhere to submit my manuscript to either, so I feel your pain. I hope you will be put out of your misery soon, meaning that you find out the results soon.

    By the way, you were my first blogger buddy, so of course I come over here and encourage you. You have the stuff to make it in the writing business. Don't you for get that. Hang in there.

  16. That's tough. Stay safe.
    On a side note, a more positive one I hope, you won a book from my blog. The contest was back in, ahem, August. Please email me if you still want it. =)

  17. So far, you're the second IWSG member who mentioned the need for chocolate. That's why I joined your blog. =) Waiting is really tough. I don't have any suggestions beyond chocolate, which you're already familiar with.

    Stay safe and I hope you receive good news soon.

  18. Karen – Thank you! All good here.

    cleemckenzi – Thanks for the chocolates.

    VikLit – Thanks. Nice job on the BlogHop!

    Alex – Thank you. Appreciate the good thoughts!

    Nancy – Thank you. It’s good to know!

    M.J. – Thank you! Safe we are.

    Donna – Thanks. You guys are very understanding.

    Jenn – Thank you. We remain unscathed.

    K. – Appreciate it! You know how much your support means to me!

    Cherie – Thank you! Thanks for coming by.

    Damyanti – Everything is better from across the seas! Thank you!

    Susan – It wasn’t as bad as we had heard. Thank you!

    Mel – Thanks. I guess stress is my middle name. : )

    Tara – Thank you. I appreciate that. Really, really do.

    Rachel – Thanks, very true. Nice of you to say.

    Murees – Thank you. You’re a great friend for saying so.

    E. Arroyo – I’m so sorry. I’m an idiot. Thanks for the reminder.

    Rawknrobyn – Thanks. Thanks for coming to visit! Welcome.



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