Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A momentary lapse of reason...

Happy Monday!

What's that?

It's already Wednesday and I missed Monday completely?

Yeah, sounds about right.

I was workin' for the man the past two days and didn't have a moment to spare for the usual hilarity and sarcastic wit I love to spread around the blogo-sphere.

And now, I have triumphantly returned!

But, I'm not staying.

Cause...I'M WRITING!

I knew you would understand. 

I'll leave you with some funnies....   

This is not my cat but I swear three out of four do this to me every morning.



  1. Hahaha... I love those. I don't have the cat on my chest problem very often because the dogs are there and my cats don't like coming near the dogs.

    Happy writing!

  2. I'm glad you remembered you Excuse Slip! :)

  3. Great images. Especially love the minions one!

  4. Lol, very cute!
    Happy writing! And don't worry,it'll be Monday again soon enough. :P

  5. Cute. Good luck with the writing. My minions are home this morning terrorizing me due to school late start.

  6. I like the minions!!!!
    Keep writing, Heather.

  7. Our cat does that to us in the middle of the night! Spunky will get up and poke us. "Hey! Are you awake? Good, now pet me."

    And your blog title is a Pink Floyd album. One of my favorite.

  8. My cats never wake me except by accident - thankfully :)
    The dog, however, will if it gets too late.

  9. Those are hilarious. The cat ones are beyond true too. Another thing my cat likes to do is swat at the door handle with his paw at 2am. Talk about waking up absolutely terrified :D

  10. I love the kitty ones! Glad you're writing again. :-)

  11. Thanks for coming to visit everyone!


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